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With a qualified directory of more than 2,000 Venture Capital and Mid-Market/LBO private equity firms, BoogarLists is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to begin their search for investment capital. Whether starting a new company or striving to take an early stage company to the next level, CEO’s and CFO’s will invariably want to seek out new sources of capital or other financial services. BoogarLists provides an extensive directory of financial, operations and marketing services, as well as a comprehensive directory of conferences and associations, across the technology, media and communications industries. No matter what the stage of a company’s development, BoogarLists has made it easy to locate and develop new avenues of capital and business resources.


BoogarLists is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BoogarAssociates.


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Based in Silicon Valley, BoogarAssociates is a consulting firm that provides a complete range of strategic marketing, business development and operations management expertise. Often serving to bridge management needs, BoogarAssociates is committed to delivering results and innovative business solutions to companies operating at the intersection of technology, communications and entertainment. Boards and entrepreneurs seeking to take a start-up to the next level, move a company in a new direction or wish to execute a high level of change, turn to BoogarAssociates to provide needed strategic advice and management support.


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Steve Boogar, President

Steve Boogar has over 25 years of executive experience in the technology industry. During his career he has built and led successful management teams and demonstrated executive abilities spanning operations, marketing, sales, business development, financial and transition management. With a persistent focus on measurable results, Steve has exhibited leadership skills across a range of diverse business environments. 


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