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Cable Advertising Bureau (CAB)
Offices: New York, New York
The CAB is dedicated to providing advertisers and agencies with the most current, complete and actionable Cable television media insights at the national, DMA and local levels. The CAB is committed to an on-going enabling/facilitator role towards establishing best practice/best standards for all involved in the buyer/seller dialogue. They continually seek opportunities to create initiatives that will improve trading conditions wherever/whenever necessary at the national, DMA and local levels.
Offices: Denver, Colorado
Founded in 1988 by members of the cable television industry, Cable Television Laboratories is a non-profit research and development consortium that is dedicated to pursuing new cable telecommunications technologies and to helping its cable operator members integrate those advancements into their business objectives. Cable operators from around the world are members.
Cable Television Association of Marketing (CTAM)
Offices: Alexandria, Virginia
CTAM is dedicated to the discipline and development of consumer marketing excellence in cable television, new media and telecommunications services. CTAM members have the advantage of progressive research, insightful publications and forward-thinking conferences—all designed to help them and their companies gain a competitive edge.
Cable Television Public Affairs Association (CTPAA)
Offices: Washington, DC
CTPAA is dedicated to building a strong image for the cable industry and enhancing its competitive advantage, CTPAA is the only national, professional organization specifically addressing the issues, needs, and interests of the cable industry's public affairs professionals. A strong advocate of the public affairs professional's participation in all aspects of corporate decision-making processes, CTPAA works to enhance each member's status and influence through skill building and professional development.


Calgary Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Calgary, Ontario
The Calgary Chamber of Commerce has adapted well to the fast-paced environment that dominates their daily lives and strives to meet the needs and wants of its members. In this respect, it offers numerous value-added programs that serve both small and large business. It offers superior speakers from the major sectors within the economy. Major events such as International Business Series, Aboriginal Awareness Series and Small Business Week enable the Chamber to work with business and the community as a whole.
California Asia Business Council (CalAsia)
Offices: Alameda, California
The California-Asia Business Council is one of California's leading private-sector, non-profit, international business-promotion associations. Their mission is to help California firms of all sizes develop or expand their commercial ties with the economies of Southeast Asia and China. Cal-Asia members range from some of the nation's largest multinational companies to small and medium-sized exporters, importers, manufacturers, and service companies. Industries represented range from infrastructure development to telecommunications and e-commerce, and also export-import, resource development, global transportation, banking and finance.
California Cable Television Association (CCTA)
Offices: Sacramento, California
CCTA is the nation's largest state cable association representing nearly 200 cable systems serving more than 6.8 million cable customers in California. In addition to local cable operators, the state industry includes a growing number of "cable-related" industries—such as high-tech firms that manufacture the products and services which support a dynamic cable industry, programmers which create the content for cable networks, and ancillary service providers, which offer specific services to cable industry members.
California Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Sacramento, California
The California Chamber of Commerce has 15,000 members, ranging from companies like Mondavi Winery and the Walt Disney Corporation to local companies with a handful of employees. The Chamber's Government Relations program works in tandem with business leaders throughout the state to promote key business policy and support pro-business candidates and initiatives through their political action committees. California Chamber memberships give their state's businesses a range of benefits, including access to legal and legislative information as well as insurance programs.

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California Communications Association (CalCom)
Offices: Sacramento, California
California Communications Association is a statewide non-profit trade association comprised of all of the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) providing telecommunications services within California. In addition to these core members, over 200 providers of products and services to the industry are CalCom associates. CalCom will bring you closer to your market and give you great opportunities to interact with the telephone companies that keep the basic communications infrastructure in California up and running.
California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC)
Offices: Sunnyvale, California
The California Israel Chamber of Commerce  is a not-for-profit, non-governmental membership-supported organization dedicated to strengthening business and trade relations between California and Israel. With its wide and dynamic network of over 7,000 companies, business executives and investors, CICC is positioned to serve as a facilitator and active supporter for joint venture programs between the two communities.
California Retailers Association (CRA)
Offices: Sacramento, California
The California Retailers Association was founded and incorporated in 1933 to meet the needs of a growing company of retailers marketing a variety of goods in the State of California. The California Retailers Association is a trade association representing all segments of the retail industry. Their members have more than 9,000 stores in California and account for more than $100 billion in sales annually.
California Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Offices: Sacramento, California
The California Small Business Development Center Program is the leader in providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance needed to become successful in today’s challenging economic climate. Direct and personalized technical assistant is provided to entrepreneurs through professional consulting, supplemented by low-cost or free seminars and conferences. These services are delivered throughout California via an extensive network of thirty-five SBDCs.

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California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA)
Offices: Rancho Cordova, California
Founded in 1977, California Solar Energy Industries Association supports the widespread adoption of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems by educating consumers, supporting solar legislation and conducting business in a professional and ethical manner. CALSEIA’s mission is to expand the use of all solar technologies in California and establish a sustainable industry for a clean energy future.
California Wind Energy Association (CalWEA)
Offices: Berkeley, California
Wind energy could easily and cost-effectively contribute 20% of California's electricity supply by 2020. CalWEA is a non-profit corporation supported by members of the wind energy industry, including turbine manufacturers, project developers and owners, component suppliers, support contractors and others. CalWEA represents its members in California's policy forums, seeking to encourage and support the production of electricity through the use of wind generators.
Cambridge Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is a 1,400-member not-for-profit organization representing all sectors of the Cambridge, Massachusetts economy. Its diverse membership and knowledge in government affairs, business development, professional development and business philanthropy attract employers of all sizes. The Chamber has been actively engaging local business leaders in governmental and philanthropic activities, connecting and educating its members, and providing a forum for addressing the needs of the Cambridge business community.
Cambridge Wireless
Offices: Cambridge, England
Cambridge 3G has changed its name to Cambridge Wireless, a move which captures the world-renowned networking organization's vision to embrace a wider community and engage special interest groups within the whole wireless communications arena. They are at the leading edge of thought, leadership and wireless technology discussions in the UK and wider. With Cambridge clearly one of Europe's leading technology centers and with such a high concentration of telecoms-related businesses in the area, the scene is set for the success of Cambridge Wireless.
Campbell Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Campbell, California
For more than 100 years, the Campbell Chamber of Commerce has historically provided local businesses with an added measure of security by hosting business to business opportunities for sharing advice, political representation and customer introductions. The Mission of the Campbell Chamber of Commerce is to be the preeminent voice promoting the community of Campbell in all its aspects. The Chamber is a voluntary association of business people working together to foster a good business climate.