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Game Audio Network Guild (GANG)
Offices: San Juan, California
GANG is a non-profit organization established to educate the masses in regards to interactive audio by providing information, instruction, resources, guidance and enlightenment not only to its members, but to content providers and listeners throughout the world. GANG empowers its members by establishing resources for education, business, technical issues, community, publicity and recognition. GANG also supports career development for aspiring game audio professionals, publishers, developers and students.
Georgia Retail Association (GRA)
Offices: Lithonia, Georgia
The Georgia Retail Association has protected Georgia's retailers from unreasonable taxes, fees, regulations and legislation. Georgia is a friendly state for retailers largely due to GRA's work over the past 40 years. Whether you are a large chain retailer or an independent retail merchant, there's a reason to belong to the Georgia Retail Association. The purpose of GRA's government affairs program is to use all legitimate means at our disposal to create the best possible economic and political climate for Georgia's retailers.
Georgia Telephone Association (GTA)
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
The Georgia Telephone Association was established by its core members to provide a vehicle through which their interests could be represented in legislative, regulatory and public arenas. In addition, the Association provides a forum within which the members can share and exchange information. The Active members of GTA are comprised of Georgia's incumbent independent local exchange carriers also defined as Tier 2 companies in Georgia's Telecom Act of 1995.
Georgia Women's Business Council (GWBC)
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
The Georgia Women’s Business Council is an organization for women business owners interested in promoting, developing and maintaining business relationships with major corporations, governmental agencies and other women business owners. They are a non-profit organization with a mission to certify women-owned business enterprises and to promote the activities directed toward the development, establishment, expansion and encouragement of businesses owned by women.

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Geothermal Energy Association (GEA)
Offices: Washington, DC
The Geothermal Energy Association advocates for public policies that will promote the development and utilization of geothermal Resources, provides a forum for the industry to discuss issues and problems, encourages research and development to improve geothermal technologies, presents industry views to governmental organizations, provides assistance for the export of geothermal goods and services, compiles statistical data about the geothermal industry, and conducts education and outreach projects.
Geothermal Resources Council (GRC)
Offices: Davis, California
With the experience and dedication of its diverse, international membership bolstering a 30-year track record, the Geothermal Resources Council has built a solid reputation as one of the world’s premier geothermal associations. The GRC serves as a focal point for continuing professional development for its members through its outreach, information transfer and education services. With members in 30 plus countries, the GRC actively seeks to expand its role as a primary professional educational association for the international geothermal community.
German American Business Council of Boston (GABC)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The German-American Business Council of Boston is a non-profit organization comprised of companies, business people, and other professionals dedicated to encouraging and cultivating German-American business and trade. The GABC provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and for business and professional contacts between its members. The GABC membership is open to all interested professionals.
German Convention Bureau (GCB)
Offices: Frankfurt, Germany & New York, New York
The German Convention Bureau is the central office representing the interests and organizing the marketing of the congress and event location that is Germany. They give you advice and support on planning and organizing your events. All their services are funded by their members. Their customers receive these services at absolutely no cost. Some events call for extraordinary venues. A wide variety of event locations have joined forces in the GCB to offer you eventful meetings in an unusual ambience. The Hockenheimring, a Grand Prix motor racing circuit, is a colorful event agenda.

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German Venture Capital Association (BVK)
Offices: Berlin, Germany
The German Venture Capital Association is an organization of German venture capital and private equity companies and representatives of foreign venture capitalists operating in Germany. BVK was founded on 29 January 1988. On 8 December 1989, BVK and DVCA Deutscher Venture Capital Verband merged into BVK. At present, BVK has 275 (full and associate) members.
Glendale Chamber of Commerce (GCC)
Offices: Glendale, California
The Glendale Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the needs of business and improving the quality of life in their community. The Glendale Chamber, serving over 1,200 member businesses, is one of the largest chambers in Los Angeles County. They are involved in the following areas: business development and education, community development, government relations, leadership programs, networking opportunities and all aspects of the community.
Global Outsourcing Association of Layers (GOAL)
Offices: London, England
The Global Outsourcing Association of Layers is led and supported by experienced attorneys and senior leaders around the world. GOAL will prove to be the fountainhead of groundbreaking ideas and will also help in the successful execution of the law-firm and corporate business plans. The pioneers in this field pledge their support by assuring their complete involvement in mentorship, planning strategies, identifying the scope for outsourcing, assessing resource requirements and facilitating maximum utilization of the current internet bandwidth, which is crucial to the success of a business.
Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is a premier business membership organization in West Michigan. Chamber membership connects members to more than 3,000 other businesses throughout the Grand Rapids area. Their members can take advantage of networking and money-saving opportunities to help grow their business. Through the GRACC, members have access to preferred providers in telecommunications, insurance and other industries that small businesses may not be able to take advantage of on their own.