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Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
The Jackson Hole Regional Chamber of Commerce is a cohesive community that works for all—quality jobs, vibrant commerce, stable families and treasured natural resources. They provide opportunities for members and volunteers to participate, to make a difference, to form new relationships and new bonds of community. One of the most important functions of their chamber is driving business. Their goal is to inform as many customers and to drive those customers towards business.
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Jacksonville, Florida
The Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce is a business advocacy organization and exists to serve the needs of its members. They improve regional economic development by supporting the growth of area businesses, helping to attract and establish new businesses and fostering a healthy and inclusive business environment. The Chamber is the business membership organization of influence whose actions contribute to responsible economic growth.
Java Community Process (JCP)
Offices: Santa Clara, California
JCP is responsible for the development of Java technology. As an open, inclusive organization of active members and non-member public input, it primarily guides the development and approval of Java technical specifications. The work of the Java community under the JCP’s procedures helps to ensure Java technology’s standard of stability and cross-platform compatibility. JCP is the way the Java platform evolves.
JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC)
Offices: Arlington, Virginia
The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (Once known as the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), is the semiconductor engineering standardization body of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), a trade association that represents all areas of the electronics industry. JEDEC was originally created in 1960 as a joint activity between EIA an NEMA, to cover the standardization of discrete semiconductor devices and later expanded in 1970 to include integrated circuits.
Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE)
Offices: Arlington, Virginia
Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy brings together international expertise and technologies to accelerate the use of clean and efficient energy in China. Their aim to create visible change within 10 years. Part of JUCCCE’s secret sauce is bringing people together to work on energy solutions in innovative ways. Their bilingual and bicultural network consists of leaders, experts and influencers in corporations, research institutes, media, organizations and the US and Chinese governments.