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Alabama Mississippi Telecommunications Association (AMTA)
Offices: Montgomery, Alabama
The Alabama-Mississippi Telecommunications Association was established by its core members to provide a vehicle through which their interests could be represented in legislative, regulatory and public arenas. In addition, the Association provides a forum within which the members can share and exchange information.
Alaska Telecom Association (ATA)
Offices: Anchorage, Alaska
Founded in 1949, the Alaska Telephone Association (ATA) sets out in the first paragraph of its Bylaws its goal: "maintaining of high grade telecommunications services to the public." This in a state encompassing 591,004 square miles—one fifth the area of the "lower 48." Comprised of 22 regular members certificated by the Alaska Public Utilities Commission and more than 100 associate members, the ATA is a trade association representing the interests of the incumbent local exchange telephone industry in the state.
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
Offices: Washington, DC
ATIS is a United States based body that is committed to rapidly developing and promoting technical and operations standards for the communications and related information technologies industry worldwide using a pragmatic, flexible and open approach. ATIS prioritizes the industry’s most pressing, technical and operational issues, and creates interoperable, implementable, end to end solutions—standards when the industry needs them and where they need them.
American Alliance of Service Providers (AASP)
Offices: Triangle, Virginia
The American Alliance of Service Providers is an organization that was set up to join together ISPs in a unified front. AASP also has other Internet related companies offering Web Design and Web Hosting as members. They, as a small ISP watching the events in the ISP industry, had concerns about the future of the small to medium sized ISPs. They decided that to get ISPs better pricing and other benefits that a group effort would be needed, and so AASP was born. AASP has grown to over 800 ISPs.


Broadband Forum
Offices: Freemont, California
The Broadband Forum is the central organization driving broadband wireline solutions and empowering converged packet networks worldwide to better meet the needs of vendors, service providers and their customers. They develop multi-service broadband packet networking specifications addressing interoperability, architecture and management. Their work enables home, business and converged broadband services, encompassing customer, access and backbone networks.