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Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA)
Offices: Los Angeles, California
The Independent Film & Television Alliance was established in 1980 as the American Film Marketing Association (AFMA). Its first members were a group of distributors and sales agents whose main goal was to expand the independent film business by creating a world-class trade show, the American Film Market (AFM). Today, the association has evolved into the trade association for the independent film and television industry worldwide, while the AFM concurrently has become the largest international film market in the world.
International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS)
Offices: San Francisco, California
IADAS was founded in 1998 to help drive the creative, technical, and professional progress of the Internet and evolving forms of interactive media.  In the model of the film, television, and the recording industries, the purposes of The Academy are: to recognize and acknowledge excellence in interactive content across emerging technologies; to connect a diverse group of luminaries to facilitate growth and development in the digital arts and sciences; and to educate industry professionals and the public-at-large about what is relevant, making technology accessible and integrating it into the general culture.
International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (IATAS)
Offices: New York, New York
IATAS was founded in 1969 to promote excellence in international television and is the organization that awards International Emmys to the best television programs produced outside the US It is part of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; however, it operates under its own Board of Directors with a global focus. Every November, The International Academy produces the iEMMYs Festival and International Emmy Awards Gala in New York City. The iEMMYs Festival screens the current year International Emmy nominated programs with producers and directors in attendance.
International Disk Duplicating Association (IDDA)
Offices: San Francisco, , California; Boston, Massachusetts; North Sydney, Australia & Oxford, England
The IDDA, with over 160 members worldwide, and representing the interests of many thousands of optical disc duplicators, acts as a forum for organizations involved in the business of commercial recording onto recordable media formats, including CD-R and DVD-/+R. The IDDA works with suppliers on meeting the needs of the members, and promoting technologies that can lead to growth of the Disc Duplicating Industry. The IDDA has concerned itself with ethics, definitions, media royalty charges, media quality, disc printing solutions, copy protection and equipment reliability.
International Recording Manufacturers Association (IRMA)
Offices: Princeton, New Jersey
IRMA is a worldwide trade association encompassing organizations involved in every facet of recording media. Their membership includes raw material providers, manufacturers, replicators, duplicators, packagers, copyright holders, and many other related industries. Beginning with the introduction of the audiocassette, through the home video revolution, and right up to the current digital and electronic delivery era, IRMA has always been the organization companies have turned to for news, networking, market research, information services, and leadership.

-Los Angeles-

Los Angeles Press Club
Offices: Los Angeles, California
The Los Angeles Press Club has a history of great traditions going back to the turn of the Twentieth century. In its present form, the club has existed since 1946 and proudly survives without having raised the dues since 1962. Reflecting more than 50 years of tradition, they have been in the spotlight with such events as their annual Southern California Journalism Awards and a Gubernatorial Recall debate. Their monthly "Third Thursday" receptions are regularly attended by well over 100 people.


Magazine Publishers of America (MPA)
Offices: New York, New York
MPA is the industry association for consumer magazines. Established in 1919, the MPA represents more than 240 domestic publishing companies with approximately 1,400 titles, more than 80 international companies and more than 100 associate members. The Magazine Publishers of America is staffed by magazine industry specialists.
Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA)
Offices: New York,  New York
The mission of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance is to o support service providers in building efficiencies in the creation, production and distribution of physical and digital media and entertainment; to foster end-to-end collaboration among entertainment service providers, their customers and trading partners; and, to provide tangible benefits to members including: market intelligence, research initiatives, industry advocacy and collaborative workgroups.
Media Financial Management Association (MFM)
Offices: Northfield, Illinois
The Media Financial Management Association provides education, networking, information, and signature products to meet the diverse needs of financial and business professionals in the media industry throughout the US and Canada. MFM’s Broadcast Cable Credit Association (BCCA) subsidiary functions as a central clearinghouse for credit information on advertisers, agencies and buying services, both locally and nationally.
Media Rating Council (MRC)
Offices: New York, New York
A non-profit industry association whose members consist of the blue chip companies of their industry... including television and radio broadcasters, cable-casters, print organizations, advertisers, Internet organizations, advertising agencies and industry trade associations. The MRC charter is to maintain audience research confidence and credibility with the goal of securing for the industry audience measurement services that are valid, reliable and effective. The MRC was formed in 1964 at the urging of the US Congress.
Offices: Orlando, Florida
The MEDIA-TECH Association serves every facet of the optical and removable storage media manufacturing industry, spanning the range from all current formats of optical discs and magnetic media to future formats such as ultra high density optical discs, holographic storage media, and smart cards. The Association provides the industry with a program of trade shows and conferences where the exchange of ideas can take place, along with the demonstration of the latest in technology—from services to equipment.
Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)
Offices: Washington, DC
The Motion Picture Association of America serves as the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries. Its members include Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal City Studios, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.
MPEG Industry Forum
Offices: Fremont, California
The MPEG Industry Forum is a not-for-profit organization with the following goal: To further the adoption of MPEG Standards, by establishing them as well accepted and widely used standards among creators of content, developers, manufacturers, providers of services, and end users. The activities of MPEGIF generally start where MPEG stops. This includes issues that MPEG cannot deal with, e.g. because of ISO rules, such as clearance of patents.