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Pennsylvania Retailers' Association (PRA)
Offices: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association is a premier retail trade association in Pennsylvania whose encompassing membership consists of small and large independent retailers as well as the national retail chains. The PRA's mission is to represent the retailing industry in the state's legislative chambers, protecting and promoting the welfare of those engaged in retailing. The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association has been directly responsible for adding millions of dollars to retailers' bottom line.


Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA)
Offices: Washington, DC & Chicago, Illinois
The Retail Advertising & Marketing Association is a trade association of retail marketing and advertising professionals, plus their counterparts on the agency, media and service-provider sides of the business. RAMA is a division of the National Retail Federation, the world's largest retail trade association.
Retail Association of Nevada (RAN)
Offices: Carson City, Nevada
The Retail Association of Nevada's mission is to strengthen the business environment for Nevada retailers and associates by providing a government relations program which supports retail industry needs through lobbying at federal, state and local levels. Retail Association of Nevada was formed for the purpose of uniting merchants throughout the State on matters of common interest. The Association is a leading advocate for Nevada retailers and has a reputation as one of the most effective pro-business organizations in the state.
Retail Council of New York State
Offices: Albany, New York
The Retail Council of New York State is a full-service membership trade association that represents nearly 5,000 stores, of all size and sort, and affiliated businesses throughout the Empire State. Their members take advantage of a wide range of money-saving programs, including merchant services like credit/debit card processing, workers' compensation insurance, disability insurance and other valuable incentives. The Council serves the needs of merchants, professionals and other providers of goods and services across the state.
Retailers Association of Massachusetts (RAM)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
RAM uses the combined buying power of its members to offer a variety of services and programs that can increase business' profits. The Retailers Association of Massachusetts is a statewide trade association dedicated to promoting and protecting the retail industry through government relations and money-saving benefits for our members. RAM represents members and their interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect, preserve and promote the thriving retail sector of the Massachusetts economy.

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Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
Offices: Arlington, Virginia
The Retail Industry Leaders Association, formerly IMRA, is the world's leading alliance of retailers and their product and service suppliers. RILA leads and serves the most successful and innovative retailers and suppliers through the delivery of world-class education, innovation and advocacy. Their focus relies upon valuable learning's, personal experience, idea sharing, networking, and best practices. They execute on this focus based on the guidance of their corporate values.
Retail Merchants Association of Greater Richmond (RMAGR)
Offices: Richmond, Virginia
The Retail Merchants Association is a trade association representing retailers and related businesses. Its mission is to enhance the image and profitability of member companies through advocacy, information and networking opportunities. Founded in 1906, the Retail Merchants Association is the business association of choice for successful retail businesses. The Association is an advocate for the retail community because it represents the business interests of the retail community with local and state officials.
Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire (RMANH)
Offices: Concord, New Hampshire
The Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire is a statewide trade organization representing over 800 businesses. Members range from the small independent business owner, to major corporations, all with a single goal—to promote the success of the New Hampshire retail community. RMANH's primary focus is to serve as a link between state legislators in Concord and the retailers. They maintain regular contact with other lobbyists and organizations on the state and federal level to provide an accurate and effective network of information for their members.
Retail Merchants of Hawaii (RMH)
Offices: Honolulu, Hawaii
The Retail Merchants of Hawaii is a state-wide association committed to the growth and development of the retail industry in Hawaii. The RMH mission is to promote the welfare of the retail industry, to provide information and training to advance the interests of the retail industry, and to serve as an advocate for the retail industry in both the governmental and the business communities.
Retail Packaging Association (RPA)
Offices: Covington, Kentucky
The association’s sole purpose at that time was to organize a trade show specifically for retail packaging professionals. RPA provides comprehensive educational and networking opportunities and has over 1000 members representing all entities of retail packaging nationwide and abroad. The RPA provides complete packaging solutions and services to retail businesses nationwide from small shops to high-end boutique and department store chains.
Retail Solutions Provider Association (RSPA)
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
The Retail Solutions Providers Association is the industry association for the retail information technology representing hardware manufacturers, software developers, distributors, resellers, and consultants—any company providing retail technology products or services—to the hospitality, general retail, supermarket or c-store vertical markets. The RSPA provides education, industry advocacy, standards and information benefits that assist member companies expand their business, raise the level of staff professionalism and elevate the retail technology industry.