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Offices: Washington, DC is the association for retailers online. It's where the best retail minds come together to garner the insight, knowledge and intelligence to make better decisions in the evolving world of the Internet and multi-channel retailing. Interactive executives from more than 200 leading retail brands participate in to get objective information from their peers about a variety of common challenges such as online marketing and merchandising, cross-channel integration, consumer trends and organization structure.
South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA)
Offices: Pierre, South Dakota
The South Dakota Retailers Association represents the interests of retail businesses who sell retail products and services throughout the State of South Dakota. For over 100 years, the Association has played an important role in retailing, by: representing retail interests in the legislative process, providing members with money-saving services, keeping members informed about laws, regulations, and retail trends, maintaining a close affiliation with national retail organizations to favorably influence federal issues.


Texas Retailers Association
Offices: Austin, Texas
The Texas Retailers Association is a trade association representing all segments of the retail industry: general merchandise, department stores, independent retailers, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores, chain drug stores and pharmacies, and a wide array of specialty retailers. With more than 1,500 members operating more than 25,000 stores, employing more than 500,000 Texans, they account for more than $75 billion in sales annually.


Utah Retail Merchants Association (URMA)
Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah
The Utah Retail Merchants Association was organized in 1955 for the purpose of uniting the retail industry and providing representation in regulatory and legislative issues. Utah Retail Merchants Association representatives have acted in behalf of the retail industry in a myriad of governmental and community issues. The Association strives to advance and serve the common business interest, efficiency and welfare of their members in the retail trade.


Vermont Retail Association (VRA)
Offices: Essex Junction, Vermont
The Vermont Retail Association was founded to promote and protect the interests of retailers throughout the state and to provide money saving services to its members. Membership is statewide and includes a broad range of retailers and other businesses. The VRA represents the retail industry before elected officials for policy and voting decisions. The Retail Review is published ten times a year and includes information about retail trends, statistics, current and proposed laws with which businesses need to comply, member profiles, and information about endorsed services.
Virginia Retail Merchants Association (VRMA)
Offices: Richmond, Virginia
The Virginia Retail Merchants Association, a trade association that represents retailers and other businesses, is organized to educate, inform, and serve as a resource for our members. The VRMA supports reasonable and proper laws protecting the interests of our members. Special emphasis is directed towards fostering understanding of retailing, free trade, and free enterprise systems.


Washington Retail Association (WRA)
Offices: Olympia, Washington
The Washington Retail Association is formed to advocate for Washington state's retailers at the local, state and national level. Since 1987, the WRA has: reduced Unemployment Insurance rates, defeated attempts to burden retailers with complex sales tax reporting requirements, championed the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, protected retailers from “take back” electronic product recycling, and advocated for reform to Workers’ Compensation laws.
Wyoming Retail Merchants Association (WRMA)
Offices: Cheyenne, Wyoming
The Wyoming Retail Merchants Association consists of hundreds of retail outlets and allied businesses throughout Wyoming banded together to: ensure that legislation on the state and federal level provides for a prosperous retail environment; provide ideas and information that helps you increase your bottom line; offer money-saving benefits to help save; and make it's members money and educate retailers through seminars and meetings.