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American Antenna
Offices: Glen Park, Indiana
American Antenna is a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of commercial earth station antennas and related equipment for the broadcast industry. They offer video, voice, and data solutions for commercial television, radio, and cable companies. Having been directly involved with the design, manufacturing, and installation of earth station antennas worldwide for over twenty years, their company can offer expertise in designing the right system.
American Tower
Offices: Boston-Woburn, Massachusetts; Irvine, California; Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; Schaumburg, Illinois & Irving, Texas
Formed in 1995, American Tower, a publicly held company, is the premier owner and operator of wireless and broadcast communications sites in North America. American Tower is the leading owner and operator of communications sites for the wireless and broadcast industries. They enable the deployment of advanced services that make wireless communication possible everywhere. Their vision is to be the premier infrastructure provider in the eyes of their employees, customers and communities.
Anderson Manufacturing
Offices: Idaho Falls, Idaho
For the past 19 years, Andersen Manufacturing has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high quality satellite antennas. Andersen has been able to achieve this success through the engineering application of their unique and innovative tooling design and Hydroforming process. They have continued to develop and refine this process, which allows Andersen to manufacture parabolic antennas that are unparalleled in accuracy.
Andrew Towers
Offices: Westchester, Illinois
Andrew offers a diverse family of innovative, modular, lattice tower configurations for any client application requiring unmatched strength and versatility, standard fabrication techniques, cost-effective transport, and ease of field assembly. The all-bolted, triangular-sectioned lattice towers, featuring patented Andrew Crimp technology, are the cost-effective, low-maintenance solution.
Offices: Glendale Heights, Illinois
Antenex designs and manufactures antenna and accessory products to exacting electrical and mechanical specifications for critical applications in defense, public safety, transportation, satellite, and medical communications. They offer a catalog of top quality mobile, portable and base antenna products which utilize their latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques, custom automation and vertical integration. These products are widely used in wireless voice & data, security, military, asset tracking, two-way radio, public safety, and other mission critical applications
AN Wireless
Offices: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
AN Wireless is a manufacturer and distributor of Self Supporting Tower Systems for Wireless Communications, Wireless Internet, Wireless Networking, Microwave, Paging, Broadcast, Two-Way Radio and Amateur Radio. To make the towers a truly turn-key wireless solution, they include all the prime components in one package. They are proud to be the manufacturers of The AN Wireless "AN Series" Self Supporting Tower...the Communications Tower that is a proven industry workhorse.


Bell Tower
Offices: Chelsea, Oklahoma
Bell Tower Corporation, established in 1991, has experience in all aspects of the tower business, including engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, construction including foundations. They are experienced in all tower fields, AM, FM, Cellular, TV, Microwave, CATV, Radar and Industrial and they are equipped to erect any kind of tower, large or small. Their central location, next to the galvanizing plant, plus their extensive construction and engineering capabilities, enable them to be very competitive, especially on turn-key installations


Offices: Glendale Heights, Illinois
Comtelco Industries is a premier supplier of quality antennas for telecommunications. They offer a complete line of base station antennas, yagi antennas, mobile antennas, wireless internet antennas, sector antennas, panel antennas, GPS antennas, portable antennas, plus antenna accessories including antenna mounting hardware, cables and connectors. Comtelco was created as a division of Whisco Component Engineering to distribute products that were designed by the parent company. This company eventually evolved into Comtelco Industries Comtelco is a wholly owned subsidiary that sells products.
Crown Castle
Offices: Houston, Texas
Crown Castle engineers, deploys, owns and operates technologically advanced shared wireless infrastructure, including extensive networks of towers. Crown Castle offers significant wireless communications coverage to 91 of the top 100 US markets and to substantially all of the Australian population. Crown Castle owns, operates and manages over 22,000 and over 1,300 wireless communication sites in the US and Australia, respectively.