Cable Telecom

September 2014

Carriers World | Europe
Location: London, England
Dates: September TBD, 2014
Carriers World Asia brings together international wholesale carriers, telcos, mobile network operators (MNOS) and key stakeholders within Asia's carriers space. The event offers opportunities for sharing of best business practices and new growth profiles by industry leaders. At the conference you will learn: how to reposition your business model in the reality of declining voice revenues; and, how to transform a traditional carrier to a world-class customer-centric organization.
Location: Austin, Texas
Dates: September TBD, 2014
The world's largest VoIP marketplace—the Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, after a string of hugely successful events in Los Angeles, will be making a move to a larger venue to better accommodate their loyal attendees and exhibitors. The ITEXPO Conference promises to deliver the unmatched conference content and exhibit hall traffic that Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO has become known for.
LTE | Asia Summit
Location: Singapore
Dates: September TBD, 2014
LTE Asia Summit looks set to build upon hugely successful events of year's past, which attracted top operators from across the World.  In attendance will be All the major LTE players, including all major operators, vendors, industry associations, industry press and bloggers and more!  With over 80 stands and a comprehensive 6 track program, plus two co-located conferences, you can expect a fantastic turnout.
LTE | Next Generation Networks & Basestations
Location: Bath, England
Dates: September TBD, 2014
The LTE—Next Generation Networks & Basestations event will address a range of topics, including: Understanding the steps to deploying LTE; Which markets, advantages and drawbacks of early movers; Application drivers, capacity and architecture; The impact in terms of new system requirements, enhancements and right-offs; First movers vs. late followers—trigger points for LTE launch; and, Solutions for in-building coverage with LTE.
NTCA Fall Conference
Location: Seattle, Washington
Dates: September TBD, 2014
The National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA), "the voice of rural telecommunications," is the premiere non-profit association representing more than 580 small and rural telephone cooperatives and commercial companies. NTCA is a full-service association, offering a wide array of member services, including a highly effective government affairs program; and expert legal and industry representation; a broad range of educational services.
WICT | Leadership Forum
Location: New York, New York
Dates: September TBD, 2014
The WICT Forum has been refocused, recharged and remixed. At the core of the cable industry's Spring Cable Week, the WICT Forum is bolder, fresher and packed with more hard-hitting cable industry business. Both female and male mid-level managers, directors and senior executives at cable operators, programmers and related industries who are serious about shaping their leadership skills, committed to the industry and thrive in a creative learning environment.