Emerging Technologies

September 2014

Cloud Computing World Forum | Latin America
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dates: September TBD, 2014
The Cloud Computing World Forum will feature the most complete conference agenda around cloud computing and software-as-a-service, with leading suppliers, integrators and end-users all in attendance. The three day conference and expo will feature more end user case studies than any other event of this type, making presentations real and enabling the audience to address the questions that many will regard as crucial in determining whether to integrate cloud and SaaS technology into their businesses.
Location: San Francisco, California
Dates: September TBD, 2014
DataWeek is a 6-Day Conference & Festival. After hosting the Data 2.0 Conference and the Data 2.0 Summit their team's goal is to organize the largest data-centric conference & festival in the nation. Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the startup and developer activities to industry-specific Labs. One pass gets you into all official events of the DataWeek Conference & Festival.
ESC | Boston
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Dates: September TBD, 2014
To build the future the ESC Expo. It's where great minds come looking for solutions and where solutions come looking for great minds. No matter what your role is in creating the technology of tomorrow, the Embedded Systems Conference is the place to start. It's a unique opportunity to surround yourself in an atmosphere of innovative thinking, products, and tools, with the one thing you simply can't find anywhere else—the power of conversation.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Dates: September TBD, 2014
FutureM is a multi-location event experience throughout the Greater Boston area dedicated to what's next in marketing. Dozens of events will take place to share and explore how the newest technologies and insights are changing the way marketers think, create, engage, and measure. FutureM is truly the best example of how community, collaboration and crowdsourcing can together create something bigger than all of us.
NanoBusiness Conference
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Dates: September TBD, 2014
The NanoBusiness Conference will bring together financial luminaries from Wall Street and the CEOs of the most promising nanotechnology companies in the industry. These companies are on the frontier of global innovation in sectors such as “cleantech”- renewable energy and clean water, advanced materials, healthcare, defense, textiles, electronics and construction. The conference focuses on the commercial aspects of nanotechnology in each of these sectors and provides a forum for capital providers and innovators to meet, build relationships and learn from each other’s perspectives.
Silicon Valley Connect
Location: Mountain View, California
Dates: September TBD, 2014
Silicon Valley Connect is designed to immerse international companies into the heart of Silicon Valley and provide local connections, local perspective on products and businesses, and to provide you with a strong foundation for accessing Silicon Valley as a market. If you are in the market for raising capital, the opportunity will be yours, in front of an impressive collection of venture capitalist and angel investors.