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Offices: Seoul, Korea
PHICOM products and develops Probe Card which is semiconductor inspectional equipment, Probe Unit which is FPD and PDP inspectional equipment, and Prove Station which is embarking inspectional equipment in the world for the first time. Phicom invests MEMS CARD & MEMS UNIT for the first of the world applied MEMS technology and provides Probe Station applied with new technology to the world wide market.
Photon Dynamics
Offices: San Jose, California; Bozeman, Montana; Tuscon, Arizona; Markham, Ontario; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea & Taipei, Taiwan
Photon Dynamics is a leading global supplier of integrated yield-management solutions for the flat panel display (FPD) market. The company is committed to delivering the yield-management solutions customers need to effectively address their most pressing thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) manufacturing challenges. Photon Dynamics' unique portfolio of test, repair and inspection systems drive process-control improvements throughout the manufacturing process.
PiezoSystem Jena
Offices: Jena, Germany & Hopedale, Massachusetts
PiezoSystem Jena is a world leading company in the development, design and engineering of Piezo, Piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems for micro- and nanopositioning and nanoautomatisation. All Piezo stages and ceramic systems are designed by FEA and measured using special interferometric metrology equipment. PiezoSystem Jena is experienced in the development of special systems and OEM manufacturing.
Offices: Irving, Texas
Plastronics was founded over 30 years ago for the exclusive purpose of designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality burn-in sockets. As semiconductor devices become more complicated and their packaging becomes smaller and more intricate, the need for supporting infrastructure, delivered in a timely manner, becomes more crucial. Plastronics employs a full in-house design and engineering development team who continually work to develop socket solutions for the next generation of packaged semiconductor devices.
Offices: Hsinchu, Taiwan
A professional, International Enterprise concentrating on distribution of equipment & consumables for semiconductor, electronics & LCD fields. The major target of Prostek is to set up an international and professional representative. The major operation is to focus on the industries of passive devices, optical-electrical and semiconductor fields for the equipment and consumable parts representative.


Q Corporation
Offices: Derby, Kansas
Q Corporation has provided over 30 years of superior service and world-class equipment to the electronics industry. Their surface mount technology (SMT) Equipment provides high speed, precision component handling. Their reliable manual and automatic machines have maintained their customer's most demanding production schedules and increased productivity for their customers.
Offices: Santa Clara, California
QualiTau is the leading supplier of reliability test equipment and services offering comprehensive turn-key solutions, which cater to the current and future needs of quality, reliability, and technology development groups within the semiconductor industry. The systems manufactured and marketed by QualiTau allow simultaneous testing of devices and provide powerful data analysis tools.
Offices: Cham, Switzerland
Quasys was founded 1989 for the purpose to become a leading distributor for the semiconductor back end industry. Through cooperation with manufacturers of advanced test, inspection and assembly products Quasys quickly achieved a name for excellent application and product support. Today, Quasys is well recognized as supplier of advanced products for most countries on the European continent.


Offices: Dortmund, Germany & Ronkonkoma, New York
Raith is an innovative attachment and system supplier for nanolithography using electrons or ions. Tools and systems are used for R&D and small batch production. Raith is a partner for semiconductor industry and provides navigation solutions for defect review and failure analysis. Raith offers proprietary positioning solutions even in UHV technology. Raith develops and manufactures state-of-the-art products in leading-edge technology for high tech applications.
Reid Ashman
Offices: Saint George, Utah; Los Gatos, California; Beaverton, Oregon; Boxford, Massachusetts; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Berkshire, England; Voglans, France; Ramat Gan, Israel & Singapore
Reid-Ashman is the leading supplier of mechanical solutions to the semiconductor test industry. Reid-Ashman has achieved and maintained its position as the world's leading supplier of mechanical solutions to the semiconductor test community through a dedication to quality and total customer satisfaction. Reid-Ashman's commercial and technical success is primarily due to its ability and willingness to develop innovative equipment and customize existing products.
Offices: Houston, Texas; Durham, North Carolina; Berkshire, England; Singapore & Heredia, Costa Rica
Semiconductor manufacturing is roughly divided into two categories. Front-end processes deal with wafer and die level operations; back-end processing comprises die packaging, burn-in and test. Reliability Incorporated meets a wide range of the back-end process needs by supplying equipment for testing semiconductor devices, burn-in systems which accelerate the electronic aging process of the devices, and equipment that automates handling and transfer of devices between process steps.
Rood Technology
Offices: Noerdlingen, Germany
Rood Technology has more than 30 years experience of providing know-how intensive added value services to the semiconductor and electronics industries. These include electrical testing, qualification, failure analysis, device programming, lead conditioning, tape & reel, IC handling equipment supply as well as application support. The advantages of Rood Technology's added value services: reduce time-to-market, improve yield, improve performance-to-price ratio, lower cost of ownership.
Roos Instruments
Offices: Santa Clara, California & Salem, New Hampshire
Roos Instruments was founded in 1989 by a group RF Microwave engineers, out of the bench test equipment industry, to create an automated microwave test system using a fundamentally new approach. Their customer support strategy combines large company quality, commitment and experience with small company speed and flexibility. The combination of a truly scalable architecture and microwave test expertise has allowed RI to become a industry leader having produced ATE systems testing applications.
Royce Instruments
Offices: Napa, California
Royce Instruments designs and manufactures assembly tools and bond testing machines for use in the world wide photonic and semiconductor manufacturing industries. Their products include equipment for laser diode manufacturing, wire bond and die bond testing, semiconductor die pick and place into trays and tape/reel and hybrid epoxy die bonding.