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Offices: Sunnyvale, California
AMD designs and produces innovative microprocessors and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries. AMD is a world-class company with the innovation, execution, and vision to grow our leadership position in the industry. To help ensure they meet their customers’ needs today and tomorrow, AMD invests in state-of-the-art technology research many years in advance of first commercial use.


IBM Microelectronics
Offices: Armonk, New York
For 30 years IBM has been at the front of technology innovation in semiconductor solutions. IBM has helped transformed semiconductor design and manufacturing with research and development. Their contributions are recognized throughout the industry. In addition to innovations such as Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC), copper interconnects, Silicon Germanium (SiGE) and Silicon on insulator (SOI), they offer the first fully automated, "touchless" 300mm manufacturing facility in the United States.
Offices: Santa Clara, California
For decades, the technology developed by Intel Corporation has enabled the computer and Internet revolution that is changing the world. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduced the worlds first microprocessor in 1971. Today, Intel—the worlds largest chip maker—is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking, and communications products. Intels mission is to do a great job for their customers, employees, and stockholders by being the preeminent building block supplier to the worldwide digital economy.