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California Corporate Benefits
Offices: San Diego, California
At California Corporate Benefits they specialize in employee benefits. They offer group insurance, self-funding, managed care, cafeteria plan and retirement plan expertise and professional services. Since 1986 they have served over 300 employers and tens of thousands of employees. They're a team of people who have been in the benefits business a very long time.
Offices: San Rafael, California
CareCounsel pioneered the health benefits advocacy concept in response to the fast changing, and generally confusing, managed care environment. Their Healthcare Assistance Program is an employer-paid benefit to complement and support today’s busy human resource departments. Just a toll-free phone call away, experienced health benefits advocates are ready to provide confidential support, as client's employees navigate the complex healthcare landscape.
Offices: Dayton, Ohio
CareSource's vision is to be an innovative national leader in the management of quality public-sector health care programs. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of underserved people by improving their health care. At CareSource, their mission is one they take to heart. In fact, they call their mission their heartbeat. It is the essence of their company, and their unwavering dedication to it is a hallmark of their success.
C&B Consulting Group
Offices: Syosset, New York
C&B Consulting Group’s mission is to provide the highest level of service and most comprehensive level of support for organizations between 50 and 5,000 employees. Their services and products support financial executives, human resources professionals, and employees. This approach has fueled their growth and allowed them to attract the most talented people in the employee benefits field to work on behalf of their clients.
Celtic Insurance
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Celtic is a major provider of individual health insurance plans nationwide. They offer quality coverage tailored for kids, individuals and families in all stages of life. As health care reform continues to change the insurance landscape, they are structured to meet today's challenges, respond quickly to industry demands and bring new ideas to the marketplace. Their newly improved health insurance plans meet more clients' needs with more benefits.


Charon Planning
Offices: Warrington-Brentwood, Pennsylvania
At Charon Planning they create and support executive and employee benefit programs that fit your company's unique business strategy. They are proud to serve client companies nationwide in industries ranging from healthcare to education, banking to manufacturing, professional services to transportation and technology to shipping.
Chernoff Diamond
Offices: Garden City, New York
Chernoff Diamond is a benefits advisory firm providing the in-depth services necessary to meet the many complex and interrelated challenges that their business and professional clients face.  More specifically, they render comprehensive services and design, implementation and administration of employee benefit plans, pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plans, programs of executive and deferred compensation and sophisticated life insurance plans.
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & New York, New York
Cigna helps small business owners manage costs with affordable health care benefits solutions. If you manage employee benefits, you'll want to learn more about their plans, funding options, programs and administrative services. Cigna offers programs and plan design options that can help customers manage health care costs and improve the health of their employees and members.
Clark Consulting
Offices: San Francisco, California
Founded in 1967, Clark Consulting specializes in providing cutting-edge consulting services for the design and administration of compensation and benefit programs for executives, directors and employees. Based on long-term relationships with the nation’s top insurance carriers and fund companies, they offer a full array of financial products that help companies manage benefit liabilities while enhancing shareholder value.
Offices: Columbia, South Carolina
Colonial is a company of people who understand people. People are at the heart of their company and it is the employees that make Colonial what it is today. They understand that you want to work with a company that cares about you and your family. Colonial cares about its customers and is committed to their long-term financial security.