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Ag Neovo
Offices: San Jose, California
AG Neovo designs and manufactures exciting new visual display products for consumers and professionals worldwide. Their displays combine elegant design with superior performance, quality, reliability and value. They are proud to deliver into the market such innovations as their patent pending NeoV crystal optic filter technology. This proprietary technology enhances color definition and image sharpness while protecting the display from damage. They deliver what people have been waiting for: elegantly designed products with superior performance and features to replace ordinary "beige box" designs.


Offices: Taoyuan, Taiwan
At BenQ, the focus is on the lighter side of technology and lifestyle. In areas where enjoyment matters. Technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of their lifestyle. Today, old distinctions—between work and play, young and old, expert and amateur are becoming blurred. Indeed, a new breed of consumer is emerging. They are demanding and passionate. They want to be stimulated, entertained, and surprised. They are engaged in a constant search for the ultimate Digital Age lifestyle, one that brings together innovation, quality, and enjoyment through technologies that are easy to understand and simple to use.


Digital Projection International (DPI)
Offices: Orlando, Florida
Founded in 1989, Digital Projection International has been instrumental in the development and application of Digital Light Processing™ technology by Texas Instruments for projection systems. DPI introduced the world's first 3-chip DLP™ projector in 1997, and has since delivered expert system engineering and world-class customer services, thus maintaining its position as a digital imaging pioneer. DPI's groundbreaking projection research and development has garnered the admiration of industry professionals around the world.
Offices: Paris, France
DreamVision was established in 1982, being the first company to import video projectors into the French Market. Jean-Claude Younes started in 1986 to import and distribute the Vidikron brand, developing an innovating marketing policy based on the slogan "Le Cinema a la Maison" (The Home Cinema). He established a strong retailers network in France, choosing them amongst the high end Hi-fi independent retail stores and customs installers.
Offices: Burbank, California
Founded in 1985, DWIN Electronics is a leader in advanced digital display and home theater technologies. The company is a pioneer in home theater with innovative technologies including the TranScanner®, the first and only Variable Line Multiplier™ and the SilentView™ series of CRT projectors. DWIN continues to lead the industry in innovation with its digital, high-definition video systems. DWIN’s TranScanner™ 3 is the industry’s first digital video processor/scaler to deliver native-resolution digital video signals to its Plasmaimage displays and Transvision DLP projectors.


Offices: Ishikawa, Japan
EIZO's high-end display monitors have long been the natural first choice in offices large and small as well as specialist fields like finance, health care, publishing, graphics design, and many more. These products address requirements from the technicalities of image presentation and color rendition to practical considerations such as compact design and low power consumption. With an ever-widening range of models to choose from, EIZO is a gilt-edged investment for every professional who wants the competitive edge.
Elo TouchSystems
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology, develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of touch screen and touch monitor products. Elo offers the largest selection of touchscreen technologies, CRT touchmonitors, and LCD touch monitors and carefully designs each product for the demanding requirements of diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, transportation, office automation, and gaming.
Epson Display Products
Offices: San Jose , California
Transform your favorite movies, sporting events and video games into stunning big screen extravaganzas. It's easy with Epson home entertainment projectors. Their 3LCD technology delivers bright, clear, images; vibrant, life-like color and fluid rapid-motion video. The result? A jaw-dropping visual adventure that will thrill your senses and fire your imagination. And with a complete line of projectors to choose from, they make enjoying larger-than-life entertainment affordable for everyone. See below for projectors ideally suited for home entertainment.