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3Leaf Virtualization
Offices: Santa Clara, California
Virtualization technologies that help enterprise data managers solve the problems. Founded in June 2004 by a team with years of experience in server, storage, microprocessor, kernel, ASIC, and overall system design, 3Leaf Systems provides server virtualization solutions that simplify IT operations by increasing the utilization and availability of data center resources.


Offices: New York, New York
AppSense is a global independent software provider. They’re the leading name in  user virtualization solutions to businesses worldwide. AppSense enables organizations to independently manage all aspects of the user.  People can’t be standardized; computer assets can. With the advent of myriad mobile devices, Windows 7, Clouds, data privacy and ever-demanding employees, user virtualization allows you to unlock the potential of these new technologies while liberating your most valuable asset.


Offices: Austin, Texas
The ClearCube virtualization solution combines VMware-enabled ClearCube Virtualization blades with the company's award-winning Sentral™ management software, enabling organizations to deploy a comprehensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that more efficiently utilizes IT assets. Virtualizing a pool of ClearCube enables organizations to provide a true virtualization solution by fully utilizing both the physical and virtual resources in the data center.


DataCore Software
Offices: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
DataCore Software Corporation is a global company addressing common data storage problems in a major growth market—open storage networking. Storage virtualization techniques incorporated in DataCore's products abstract the rigid characteristics of physical storage devices into more flexible and manageable virtual (logical) objects. DataCore's customers span a diverse range of vertical industries and share a common need to maximize their return on investment, minimize lost opportunity costs and lower total cost of ownership.
Offices: New York, New York
The DataSynapse platform for Dynamic Application Service Management supports a wide array of enterprise middleware, dynamic infrastructure software, application platforms and packaged applications including WebSphere®, WebLogic®, Microsoft® Application Platform, Informatica PowerCenter®, VMWare ESX®, Documentum®, Oracle®, Cognos®, Business Objects®, and many more.
Dell Virtualization
Offices: Round Rock, Texas
Virtualization is changing the way resources are deployed and managed, greatly simplifying and speeding IT response to a changing business environment. Whether you're a small organization trying to extend the value of resources you already have or a large data center pushing the envelope in automation, Dell is delivering solutions that make sense for your budget, staff and business.


EMC Virtualization
Offices: Hopkinton, Massachusetts
EMC Virtual Infrastructure Data Protection solutions guard your virtual infrastructure applications and data from downtime and provide the high availability you expect for critical workloads. They integrate EMC's wide range of business continuity and backup and recovery technologies with VMware server virtualization. To assure your success, they validate this integration with extensive interoperability testing and thorough documentation of best practices.


F5 Virtualization
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Virtualization can be a powerful tool to help you cut costs and improve availability and management efficiency, but its impact on surrounding IT resources can cause unexpected problems. Whether you're just starting a storage or server virtualization project or you're looking to realize the full benefits of a complete virtual data center, F5 can help you build a dynamic, virtualization-ready infrastructure that will help you achieve your current and future business goals.