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24/7 Real Media
Offices: New York, New York
24/7 Real Media offers the total spectrum of interactive marketing and technology. With expertise in all facets of interactive media, they are the starting point for both publishers and marketers, enabling both to maximize customer relationships and revenue. Products and services include Internet ad serving, Web analytics, search engine optimization  and online media representation.


Access 360 Media
Offices: Venice, California & New York, New York
Access 360 Media is the leading multi-platform media network that connects young adult consumers (12-34) with the products they seek. They work together with national advertisers who want to reach this audience and leading young adult retail chains to create fully integrated marketing programs that combine in-store, online, and mobile media elements.
Active Network
Offices: San Diego, California
The Active Network's technology solutions help community organizations improve customer service capabilities, increase revenues, and reduce the cost and complexity of managing programs, activities and events. Their software tools facilitate participation and help manage online registrations, reservations, payments, donations and fundraising, memberships, data, customer service and website content.
Offices: San Francisco, California
AdBrite is the Internet's ad marketplace. The company makes it easy to buy and sell advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control than any other ad network. With banner and text ads, as well as innovative formats like BritePic, InVideo and full page ad, AdBrite has created a simple and more effective advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.
Offices: San Diego, California’s automated platform allows smaller advertisers to compete on even footing with the giants of online marketing across both search and display. provides a centralized dashboard allowing marketers to quickly understand their online marketing ROI across media types and outlets; reduces the barriers to entry in display advertising; and, is media type and publisher agnostic—they simply focus on improving your ROI wherever you are advertizing online.
Offices: Los Angeles, California
With roots in performance-based advertising, AdDynamix has evolved into a full-spectrum interactive provider delivering ad management, video and digital media services to agencies, entertainment clients and direct marketers. Through their internally developed and refined AdDynamix ad management system (AMS), now in its fourth generation, they execute and optimize ad campaigns across a broad range of video and reach oriented partner sites.
Offices: San Bruno, California
In the summer of 2005, Larry Braitman, Richard Thompson and Russ Fradin, through their experiences with Flycast and comScore, they knew that intelligent aggregation delivered exponential value to advertisers, aggregators and individual publishers. But the technology and services needed to aggregate quality inventory were distributed across many companies and were costly to integrate. Change the game. Adify was born.