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Offices: Denver, Colorado
When Cactus Marketing Communications goes to work, they don't try to make a sale, they try to make a friend. Because friends are fun. They're trustworthy. And when push comes to shove, who would you rather do business with, a stranger or a friend? That's why what they do works so well. Because it's not about them, it's about their friends. And in the end, they don't have to try to sell anything.
Cadient Group
Offices: West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Cadient Group empowers pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to intelligently integrate their interactive and online marketing into their overall brand planning. By leveraging interactive marketing to connect brand strategies, Cadient is delivering unprecedented returns while evolving an entire industry approach. They have been entrusted with brands that exceed $30 billion in annual sales.
Calise & Sedei
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Calise & Sedei believes that every strategy, every plan, is an original—that each is an opportunity to be innovative and bold. Their approach is inspired by consumers through an intimate understanding of the value your brand plays in their lives, and through segmentation, understand what value this consumer is to your brand. They find that they gain the most honest, straightforward insight from consumers when they interact with them.
Callahan Creek
Offices: Lawrence, Kansas
Callahan Creek is a marketing communications agency. Their services include marketing planning, brand development, account planning, integrated marketing communications, advertising campaign planning, media planning and buying, retail and merchandising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion and point-of-purchase. Their mission is to build their clients' businesses through insights that power simple, clear, memorable ideas.
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Calysto was created in 1999 to fulfill an unmet market need–the need for experienced public relations professionals to help telecom, wireless and networking companies effectively create and deliver their own unique messages to the outside world. By focusing singularly on this market segment, Calysto is able to stay ahead of the telecom trends, anticipate market changes and help their clients achieve long-term success.


Offices: Redondo Beach, California
Campaigners is a sales and marketing agency that specializes in retail sales programs, product demonstrations, events and promotions, and sales force training. The company is built from the ground up to deliver reliable, quantifiable results, and has developed hundreds of campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Fujifilm, Intel, Samsung and AOL. Campaigners has developed and launched hundreds of profitable campaigns, driving over $1 billion in retail sales.
Campbell Ewald
Offices: Warren, Michigan
Campbell-Ewald offers clients deeper insights and bigger ideas. The agency's strategic thinking and insights are the primary reasons they come to they—and stay at a rate four times the industry average. By digging deeper into consumer values, lifestyles, life stages, belief systems and decision processes, Campbell-Ewald creates an emotional connection between the brand and the target to produce the most effective communications that reach and motivate consumers.
Campbell Mithun
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Campbell Mithun is a national marketing communications agency. Since its founding in 1933, the agency has served a roster of blue-chip clients including Andersen Windows, Burger King, General Mills, H&R Block and Verizon Wireless. Campbell Mithun is one of the Interpublic Group of Companies.
Campden Conferences
Offices: London, England & New York, New York
Campden Conferences brings together significant business and financial families, substantial private investors, executives from private investment and family offices, family businesses and foundations, and their close advisors at a unique series of exclusive events. They focus on private meetings for family business, family office and family wealth, as well as highly focused events for close advisors, independent asset managers, and those interested in the innovative med tech investing arena.
Campus Media Group
Offices: Bloomington, Minnesota
As your partner, Campus Media Group will do much more than just buy your college media. They’ll help you target the right schools, time your media buys, and ensure that whichever college marketing tactics you use are used correctly. Whether you are trying to reach students at a small community college or at a large university, Campus Media will swoop in and deliver your message on target and on budget.


Can Stock Photos
Offices: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Can Stock Photo is one of the world's largest microstock photography agencies. They are home to thousands of photographers, and tens of thousands of active members from around the world. Can Stock Photos represents some of the most talented photographers online, and service clients from small businesses to major television networks.
Canyon Communications
Offices: Mesa, Arizona
Canyon Communications delivers results by using an integrated approach based on your needs. While their capabilities are broad-based to meet all their clients needs, they offer special strength in the following areas: strategic planning, public relations, creative, brand building, market knowledge, relationship marketing, sales support, event marketing, and service.
Capital Roundtable
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Capital Roundtable is America's leading educational conference company for general partners and limited partners of private equity funds. Their audiences embrace the whole PE community, including venture capital and hedge fund managers, lenders, lawyers, bankers, LP agents, turnaround advisors, accountants, due diligence specialists, and consultants.
Offices: Raleigh, North Carolina
Capstrat is the strategic communications firm that organizations turn to when the stakes are high and they can’t afford to lose. They help clients tell their stories powerfully and effectively to the audiences that matter most—customers, prospects, the media, policymakers, employees, opinion leaders and shareholders. Every communication is targeted to meet strategic goals and deliver more value in the process.
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Clients work with Capsule because they bring new ideas and intelligent solutions to the table. From naming and identity development to product development and packaging, clients leverage their creative process to get results. Capsule combines business and marketing expertise with a highly strategic creative process, resulting in effective design. The Capsule process balances the rational and the emotional.