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D4 Creative Group
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
D4 Creative Group is a brand-sensitive direct response agency founded in 1990. They produce great direct mail, print, television, radio, interactive design, logos and brand identity. Their clients' success has been their success. They're both strategic planners and direct marketing experts. So you know that everything they do is well thought out. They're extremely responsive, but never reactive.
Dailey Marketing Group
Offices: Mission Viejo, California
Dailey Marketing Group a full-service advertising agency—and have been since 1997. What do they mean by "full-service?" Well, in the Dailey dictionary, that's an agency specializing in brilliant ideas—both strategic and creative—brought to you by the best talent out there. They're all about you. Ok, so maybe they're a little bit about them too, but that's only because they want to be the best. That way you won't ever have a reason to switch agencies.
Daily & Associates
Offices: West Hollywood, California
Daily & Associates was founded in 1968 by Peter Dailey and several ambitious young people who believed that there was a role for an international advertising agency. Among the founders was a young creative director who, 34 years later, is their current chairman, Cliff Einstein. The agency has had an unending history of growth, business success and long client relationships.
Dancie Perugini Ware (DPWPR)
Offices: Houston, Texas
Dancie Perugini Ware is an independent firm with more than 15 years experience in: leveraging media and community relations; imprinting creative brand messages; planning and producing high-impact events; developing compelling marketing communications; building strategic marketing communications and troubleshooting issues. Each member of DPWPR has extensive experience creating and directing local, regional and national promotional programs.
Daniels & Roberts
Offices: Boca Raton, Florida
Daniels & Roberts does advertising. But they’re not an advertising agency. What they really do is work that gets noticed, makes cash registers ring, starts a conversation, changes perceptions, moves the needle, adds to the bottom line or creates a buzz. And they can do it in any number of ways. Traditional advertising, be it, print, broadcast, radio, direct mail, or, newer media like web, digital or social marketing. The bottom line is whatever they do, the idea is king.