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e21 Corp
Offices: Fremont, California
e21 Corp is a full-service public relations, marketing, and web development agency that specializes in solving complex communications problems with creativity, ingenuity, and technical expertise. e21 offers integrated marketing and communications services that increase visibility, enhance reputation, and drive customer acquisition and retention. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, e21 is uniquely positioned to assist companies in both Asia and the US.
East|West Marketing
Offices: New York, New York
For over 25 years now, Eastwest Marketing Group has been influencing the buying decisions of consumers on a daily basis. Helping build brands as well as creating incentives that motivate. IN every medium you're familiar with, as well as a few you might not be. Evening from 3-D supermarket displays to websites to 30-second TV spots.
Eastwick Communications
Offices: San Francisco-Mountain View, California
Beyond strategic savvy and innovative programs, Eastwick Communications bring a third component to the table. It’s called credibility, and it counts. Ask clients, who hire hem again and again, and recommend them to their friends. Or ask the editors, analysts and opinion leaders who always return their calls because they not only know them—they trust them.
Offices: San Rafael-Livermore, California, inc. designs and develops breakthrough applications for multiplatform video navigation, viewing, searching and advertising. Their goal is to improve the way that audiences access on-demand video, how programmers promote their on-demand content and how advertisers present their messages and products in multiplatform video environments.


E B Lane
Offices: Phoenix, Arizona
Experience and reliability are traits that must be proven through time and performance. At E B Lane they've been getting the job done for more than four decades with powerful, evocative ideas that move their clients' businesses. That success has allowed their success. Clients have benefited from a process that leverages communications to meet their business goals and objectives.
ECCO Design
Offices: New York, New York
ECCO Design is a creative consultancy that helps companies understand how consumers experience products. And then apply that knowledge through design to maximize marketing opportunities. For over 15 years, they’ve worked with marketing managers, product planners and design directors to bring their brands and vision to life.
Echo Media
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Echo Media is your one-stop, full service print media agency. Their knowledge and experience coupled with over 8,000 print media vehicles enable them to provide their clients with the most efficient, cost-effective marketing opportunities that build brands and grow business. Whether targeting niche market segments or saturating markets on a broad scale level, they help direct response, consumer packaged goods and brand marketers successfully reach their targets.
Eclipse Advertising
Offices: Burbank, California
Eclipse Advertising is a full-service entertainment marketing and advertising agency. Their services range from first-stage creative design and print production, product placement and promotion, sponsorship, media planning/buying, online advertising and internet-based asset management/distribution. Eclipse is comprised of seasoned professionals including many former studio and agency executives.
Eclipse Product Development
Offices: Amesbury, Massachusetts
Eclipse Product Development has over 12 years experience helping their clients commercialize their medical, instrument and consumer product technology by designing innovative and cost-effective products that users find appealing, useful, and usable. Eclipse utilizes a four Phase rapid product development process. Client interaction throughout each phase of the process is the key for success.