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Idea Logic
Offices: Cary, North Carolina
Idea Logic has a history of success with small, medium and large sized companies and have been a part of a variety of development programs functioning as an integral part of the team. They are especially proficient with complex contoured geometry using Pro/E surfaces. Because they design for a variety of plastic manufacturing processes they are able to coordinate interaction between hybrid assemblies.
Offices: Palo Alto-San Francisco, California
IDEO helps companies innovate. They design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. IDEO’s teams, culture, and methods are the special ingredients that fuel their approach to innovation and design. They begin with a deep exploration of business, human, and technical factors. Observe. Brainstorm. Prototype. Repeat. IDEO’s world-class designers and engineers ensure that the power of the vision is preserved.
IDG Events
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Producing more than 170 events in more than 40 countries, IDG has the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of technology-focused tradeshows, conferences and events. IDG also produces the industry’s most targeted conferences bringing together visionaries, business leaders, entrepreneurs and financiers. IDG’s events meet the ever-changing needs of technology professionals across a wide range of industries and disciplines.
ID Group
Offices: Huntington Beach, California
ID Group is a full service product development corporation providing tactical and strategic solutions to a wide range of industries. From concept to production, they bring as much of the product design and development cycle together under one roof as possible. This allows them to help bring your product to market faster, while maintain design integrity throughout the process.


iDirect Marketing
Offices: Irvine, California
iDirect Marketing understands that no one company can do it all. They've assembled a highly diversified "best-of-breed" marketing team by forming partnerships and strategic alliances with companies that are at the top in their respective fields. Their strategic partnerships allow you to volume discount prices. Also, they are tough negotiators to make sure that you get the lowest possible price.
ID Media
Offices: New York, New York
ID Media is the largest direct response media services company in the US. Whether it's DRTV, online, print, direct mail, or promotional media, ID Media leverages its buying power and knowledge of response trends to meet its clients' business goals. ID Media clients are among the world's best companies. They include American Express, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Lending Tree, Merck, US Postal Service, and Verizon.
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
IEG continues to serve the sponsors, sponsees and agencies in sports, arts, entertainment, event, cause and association marketing through its products, services and advocacy. For example, each year, IEG sponsors two worldwide surveys: one of more than 3,000 sponsorship opportunities is in its 18th year while the other of more than 5,000 sponsorship executives is more than a decade old. Findings are available free to the industry and media and provide strategic information.
iGlobal Forum
Offices: New York, New York
iGlobal Forum specializes in exclusive senior-level forums focused on today’s most significant business issues. They offer a platform for business connections, education, and advisory services for leading Fortune 1000 companies and industry practitioners. Their events are attended by selected corporate CEOs, senior management, business entrepreneurs, as well as representatives from non-profit and government organizations.