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Offices: New York, New York
Media communications is a highly competitive industry. Initiative is a leading global media communications agency, providing world-class media management services. They create integrated communications solutions that produce results. Their services cover the full spectrum of communication needs—channel strategy, planning and buying, consulting, post-campaign analysis, financial control and ROI.
Offices: New York, New York
Since its creation in the early 1970s, Initiative has developed into a full-service media management company, offering all facets of communication planning and buying. Their global network works together as a single, fluid organization. Each Initiative unit is supported by extensive research, technology, programming, innovation, and econometric modeling resources. Yet the mission of each local Initiative unit has remained unchanged.
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri & Austin, Texas
Ink is a full-service public relations agency, staffed exclusively by senior media professionals with actual newsroom experience and utilizes a "pay for performance" compensation model that focuses on achieving measurable results for clients, not just billable hours. INK specializes in securing mainstream editorial coverage in national and international media, as well as top-tier trade publications for a wide variety of organizations ranging from start-ups to multi-nationas.
Offices: Seoul, Korea
INNOCEAN Worldwide expresses their passion and conviction as a marketing communications company, that they need to continually discover fresh, intelligent and credible insights from consumer behavior. The mind of a consumer is an ocean of such marketing gems and INNOCEAN is an ocean of innovation.

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Offices: Palo Alto, California
INNODESIGN, a professional design group, was established in 1986 in Silicon Valley, USA. It has become a leader in the expansion of the Designer’s role, by offering its own INNO brand, firmly based on an understanding of market leading technology. It has successfully operated as a design consultancy to corporations, providing them with concept designs, brand strategies, product planning & design and corporate identity establishment programs.
INNOVA Marketing
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anywhere a consumer has experienced a brand, tasted a product, nodded their head in acknowledgement—"yes, this is relevant in my life"—INNOVA Marketing was there. INNOVA has refined 25 years of experiential trial & awareness marketing to deliver memorable and effective in-person, face-to-face brand experiences at any venue… on the street, at events, and at retail. INNOVA brings a brand to life and makes the experience impactful and relevant.
Innovate Media
Offices: Costa Mesa, California
Innovate Media is an online marketing agency offering a wide variety of Internet-based advertising and marketing solutions. They have been at the forefront of the online media revolution for a decade. The Innovate Media highly-qualified specialists are dedicated to developing and implementing online concepts for their customers that provide results and total satisfaction.
Innovations & Development (IDI)
Offices: Edgewater, New Jersey
IDI enables manufacturers to discover innovation opportunities through their customers and consumers and to translate these opportunities into breakthrough products and packaging. For over 30 years IDI has been providing manufacturers with the new products and packaging that enable them to win at retail. To accomplish this, they developed processes to gain consumer and customer insights that help guide and inspire their innovators.