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Jack Horner (JHC)
Offices: King of Prussia-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jack Horner Communications is an independent, full-service public relations and marketing agency. They are experts in public relations, graphic design, advertising and promotional products. Since they have these capabilities under one roof, their clients save time, money, and more so enjoy the economy and consistency of having one account group managing all communications initiatives.
Jack Morton
Offices: New York, New York
Jack Morton Worldwide is an experiential marketing agency that helps leading companies inspire their most important audiences—generating brand advocacy inside their organizations, brand presence in the marketplace and stronger relationships with customers throughout the life of the brand. Jack Morton's core practice areas include internal branding, BtoB marketing, consumer marketing and public events.
Jacobson Rost
Offices: Sheboygan, Wisconsin & Chicago, Illinois
So what does brand intensity mean, anyway? When it happens, it's like a runaway train. But in a good way. Jacobson Rost believes brand intensity is the moment when everything comes together. When every single element of your brand starts firing on all cylinders. Then something magical happens—it clicks.
JamBuster Technologies (JBT)
Offices: Pune, India
JamBuster Technologies intends to be the leading provider of intelligent software for the product/technology development. For JBT, it translates into a focus on the informatics for high throughput experimentation and integrated innovation management for optimal product development. These web and client-server based applications are critical enablers for product centric companies to gain leadership by reducing time-to-market.

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Jampole Communications
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jampole Communications creates cost-effective marketing communications programs and campaigns that produce the results clients want. Jampole Communications provides a full range of marketing communications services, including public relations, brand development and branding campaigns, print and broadcast advertising, communications training, financial communications, Internet marketing, production of printed material and crisis communications.
JAN Kelley Marketing
Offices: New York, New York
JAN Kelley works with proven research professionals, all of whom share a similar philosophy of getting information: Intelligence, insight, intuition, and imagination. At JAN Kelley, they recognize that lots of companies can make a good media plan. So they venture beyond the GRP’s and work with their media partners. At JAN Kelley, inspiration and design play a big part in the creative process.
Offices: St Louis, Missouri
Javelin was founded and organized on a model that selects the right experiential tactic first, and then builds the right event staff and components from varied resources. They provide the full range of tactical executions and support services to recommend or develop the right program for your brand; not just because it's "cool.". Javelin provides the full range of tactical executions and support services to recommend or develop the right program for your brand.
Javelin Direct
Offices: Irving, Texas
Javelin Direct offers direct marketing services and marketing solutions that will keep you coming back for more. Their clients enjoy continuous measurable improvement to their bottom lines. Their employees revel in core values that promote personal growth, advancement and success. And their competition, well, they wish they'd thought of it first.