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L7 Creative
Offices: San Diego, California
L7 is a team of market researchers graphic designers, web wizards writers, media specialists, and account executives—working together to crafted the most compelling advertising humanly possible Since 2001, L7 Creative has crafted a rather impressive range of clients—from consumer electronics and financial services firms to healthcare and sporting goods companies.
Offices: Irvine, California
L&A Marketing and Advertising is an award-winning integrated marketing and advertising agency that was created in 1989. L&A Marketing and Advertising combines research driven strategies and expert marketing with innovative creative to develop fresh, custom-tailored print, web and broadcast campaigns for a diverse range of clients. All in-house.
La Agencia de Orci
Offices: Los Angeles, California
La Agencia de Orcí is a one hundred percent independent, Latino-owned and managed communications agency with both federal and multi-state certification. They're a fully integrated company specializing in strategic and highly effective communication in every medium, from PR to promotions, from interactive to direct marketing. Get to know them. Present them your challenges. They're ready to take you to the next level of success.
Offices: Shanghai, China
Labbrand is the leading China based branding consultancy that provides market and consumer research, brand strategy, and creative services to develop and manage successful brands. Featuring an international team of market research and branding experts, Labbrand combines creative and scientific methods to  inspire, guide, measure, and create local and global branding practices.
La Comunidad
Offices: Miami, Florida & Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ideas are teh oxygen in a brands life. It's important to let them flow. At La Comunidad they reach teh US Hispanic market and all of Latin America. This allows consistency in the communication of regional projects, while at the same time maintaining relevance at the local level.


Lambie Nairn
Offices: London, England
At Lambie-Nairn they believe that branding is a straightforward discipline—at least when it's done properly. So they believe in simplicity: in generating a big idea and then creating distinctive and effective solutions. Everything you do and say—in ads, on the web, in the call centre, by the water cooler—needs to get your brand across. They give their clients practical branding solutions that work right across the business.
Offices: San Francisco, California
Landor is the world's most accomplished and internationally recognized branding and design consultancy. Offering a multidisciplinary range of brand strategy, design, naming, interactive and research services, they help their clients worldwide create, renew and strengthen their brand power. Their global network includes integrated brand consulting and design offices.
LaPlaca Cohen
Offices: New York, New York
LaPlaca Cohen is the leading cultural arts marketing firm in the US focused on reaching the cultural community. Whether visiting a museum, attending a performance or enjoying their home, cultural audiences are information and entertainment seekers, intensely involved with their surroundings. Their guiding principle is: know your audience. They offer a range of services to help you understand your audience, then implement a strategy to communicate with them.
Offices: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
At Largemouth Communications, they are media and corporate relations specialists. The foundation of their approach is strategically crafting and delivering your messages to your influencers. Whether this audience consists of global customers, employees, channel partners, distributors, or the local community, their team has the proven expertise to shape creative strategies that Raise Your Voice.
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota & San Francisco, California
Larsen is a communications design agency of 50+ professionals in Minneapolis and the San Francisco Bay area—serving over 140 clients nationwide. Since 1975, businesses, institutions, and nonprofits have turned to them for compelling, creative communications. Their capabilities include branding and identity, print collateral, interactive, environments, and research.
Larson O'Brein
Offices: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Larson O'Brien is a marketing communications company with a focus on architectural building products that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to solving its clients' needs. Their three major practices—advertising, PR and interactive—produce infinite possibilities for solutions. Their approach to problems begins with a strategic assessment using their Creative ESP™ process. They are an agency with very high standards, very smart people and very successful clients.