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Offices: Livonia, Michigan
Valassis—one of the nation's leading media and marketing services companies Valassis delivers value to consumers how, when and where they want through their consumer brand, RedPlum. They put good deals in your hands from their 15,000 advertisers. they offer a wide range of media and marketing services to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, food service providers and other clients.
Valencia Perez & Echeveste (VPE)
Offices: South Pasadena, California
When you form a partnership with Valencia Perez & Echeveste Public Relations, you benefit from a heritage of public relations experience, top talent in the industry and cutting-edge resources that deliver creative communications solutions. Impressive values, vision and leadership is how VPE Public Relations' top management is described by colleagues in the industry, clients, as well as their staff.
Offices: San Diego, California
ValueAd first opened its doors in December of 1996 on the time honored principle of the customer comes first. With great initial success, ValueAd has grown to become a respected online media delivery technology and advertising firm, highly dedicated in providing world-class, custom solutions at the best possible price. Their foundation was built upon their core ad server technology AdXpress, which has grown to deliver a meaningful return on investment.
Offices: SSan Francisco, California
ValueClick is the leading global provider of Internet advertising solutions for online advertisers and website publishers. As a pioneer of the performance-based advertising model, ValueClick provides the most comprehensive portfolio of online advertising solutions. The  team at ValueClick uses this premise when working with you to identify your goals and designing a customized advertising solution to deliver the results you specify.


Van der Veer Designers
Offices: The Netherlands
Van der Veer Designers is a award winning agency for product design and transportation design. They are specialists in design strategy and product innovation. They focus on creating meaningful products, services, and experiences. As well as industrial design, Van der Veer Designers have a styling division that conducts research into trends, creates graphic designs and have created color ways for a number of projects.
Van Winkle & Associates
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
They believe there is magic in advertising, but it only comes through perfect understanding. At Van Winkle & Associates, they strive to build a perfect understanding of the consumer before they start any campaign. It is imperative they know how their client's products and services interact with lifestyles, opinions, and individuals. Van Winkle & Associates has a disciplined approach to identifying the core aggregates of brand loyalty.
VatorTV Events
Offices: San Francisco, California
Vator (short for innovator) is a professional network for entrepreneurs. Founded and run by veteran and award-winning journalist Bambi Francisco, Vator consists of, VatorNews, and Vator competitions. Vator's news site focused on the business and trends of high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation. VatorNews has 350 contributors. Vator also has a technology platform called Vator Competitions, which is an online competition management system.
Vault Communications
Offices: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
"What's in a name" you ask? They just really happen to like the word "vault". A vault is a place for the safekeeping of valuables. And here in their Vault, they treasure their most precious assets—their clients and their people. To vault is to leap and explore a heightened state of being. At Vault Communications, they ask their clients to heighten their expectations of a partner and work alongside them to reach above and beyond their objectives.
Velocity Sports & Entertainment
Offices: Norwalk, Connecticut
Velocity Sports & Entertainment is a new breed of sponsorship and event marketing agency. They are unbiased. They are focused. They are about their clients and their people. For each, they aspire to exceed every expectation. The Velocity philosophy commits them to focusing on sponsorship and event marketing, remaining true to their core. This approach allows them to deliver strategic plans and experiential programs which connect your brand to your customer.


Venables Bell & Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Venables Bell is an intelligence-driven ad agency. This manifests itself in the services they offer and how they offer them. They have no rigid, predetermined way of handling things, and no silos preventing them from coming up with new and unique solutions. Everything is designed around the business problem at hand. They handle media planning and print buying because it works better that way for their clients.
Ventana Research
Offices: London, England
Ventana Research conducts primary research on the best practices, methodologies and technologies of Performance Management. They then deliver actionable analysis to their clients to assist them in their quest for superior performance. They have a team of experienced industry analysts who utilize their foundation of market, customer and product research to assess the separate business and IT environments and align them with available technologies to enable performance management.
Ventura Associates
Offices: New York, New York
By way of introduction, Ventura is a sales promotion agency with a specialty in prize promotions. They offer you a complete range of services related to the development and execution of your promotional programs. They are equipped to handle every last detail of a promotion, and the scope of their responsibility includes delivering programs which are on-target, on-budget, and on-time, and what's more, produce significant results.
Offices: San Francisco, California
Founder Matt Marshall covered venture capital for the San Jose Mercury News until he left in September 2006 to launch VentureBeat as an independent company. In 2007, he teamed up with Eric Eldon, who became the site’s second writer. VentureBeat brings its community of technology executives, entrepreneurs and investors together several times a year through high-level executive conferences and custom networking events.
Offices: New York, New York
VentureDirect Worldwide is a totally integrated direct marketing and media company, dedicated to generating leads, acquiring customers and creating revenues for their clients. VentureDirect's services include list management, insert management, card-pack marketing, e-mail marketing, on-line media planning/buying, web site representation, on-line lead generation, print media/buying, magazine space sales and custom services.