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2nd Edison
Offices: Orinda, California
2nd Edison helps companies create and execute big ideas; products with big revenue and big profitability. They are an innovation and design firm that combines business strategy, consumer insight and product design to maximize client profitability. Their unique innovation team is made up of world-class business analysts, supply chain experts, consumer researchers, designers and engineers.


Offices: Somerville, Massachusetts
Altitude is a strategic product development firm dedicated to assisting companies in creating breakthrough products that deliver exceptional customer experiences and personify their brand. They adopt a holistic approach, understanding the broader business forces that shape your industry and apply their proprietary research techniques to gain new insights into your customer and identify unmet needs.
Alto Design
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Emotion inspired Innovation... since 1986, Alto Design has been committed to realizing aesthetic expression through form, function and media. Founded on solid industrial design experience, Alto today consults and delivers creative solutions across a broad spectrum of services including engineering, graphic conception, prototyping and even small batch production.
Argyle Design
Offices: Berkeley, California
Argyle Design provides its clients with a wide range of services in order to successfully complete a design project. They tailor their services to provide their clients with the most cost efficient, expedient and highest quality solutions largely based on their Digital Design Process.
Offices: Houston, Texas
Rajan Sedalia, the founder of ArtJar, stimulates innovation by designing products, creating images and experiences. ArtJar provides product design & development services, advanced design/prospective concept creation, strategic planning for new product development, design for manufacturing and assembly, 3D solid & surface modeling, modeling and prototype construction.


Ashcroft Design
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Why do some products capture the hearts of consumers? How do they create loyalty for the brand and dominate the market? It doesn't happen by chance, but as a result of a process created to understand the product and the experience it delivers on every level. At Ashcroft Design, this process is called Product Creation.
Astro Studios
Offices: San Francisco, California
Astro Studios creates supercharged products and brands. Astro is a crew of multi-talented designers and innovators that have been raised on pop culture and hard wired by technology. They blend elements of lifestyle, technology and design into valuable, tangible, high impact products and brands for many of the world's most recognized companies.
Offices: Phoenix, Arizona
ATOMdesign is a pioneering, full service product design and development firm specializing in the commercialization of emerging technologies. ATOMdesign is at the forefront of discovery and aspires to be the champion’s of tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies. Experienced international designers and engineers, allow corporations to attain broader product centric services while establishing a solid foundation for their products.
AWA Consulting Group
Offices: Conyers, Georgia
Established in 1991, AWA has a proven record of innovative product design solutions gaining major competitive advantage for a wide variety of clients in many different product areas. AWA's record is backed up by by the years of experience the principals have in virtually every aspect of Industrial Design field using design effectively as a powerful and valuable business tool for a broad range of clients.