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DD Studio
Offices: Carlsbad, California
For more than 20 years DD Studio has joined with their clients to create market defining products. They specialize in designing products that establish an intimate relationship with the user in consumer and commercial markets; for Fortune 500 clients to start-ups. They listen long & hard to you and your customers, they observe usage patterns & trends, then the create great products.
Definite Design
Offices: Langhorne, Pennsylvania
At Definitive Design their creative criteria is directed by real world needs. They approach every assignment as a new challenge, each with a unique set of facts, influencing factors, and possibilities. And the first step in helping their clients reach their objectives is to listen. Product consultation is an integral part of their design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing process.
Offices: Munich, Germany
As a knowledge-driven agency, designafairs creates design solutions, which help improve the lives of many people. The uniqueness of designafairs lies in the synergy of Industrial Design, Interface Design and their Color & Material Lab. Combining their expertise enables them to develop comprehensive design innovations.
Design Central
Offices: Columbus, Ohio
Design Central helps clients identify what to make, why people want it and how to get it to them. They create innovation strategies and innovative solutions for their clients. Their people have a passion for design that succeeds. They believe breakthrough innovation delivers when design is aligned with the client's strategic goals at the beginning of the process and throughout the lifespan of the product.
Design Continuum
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
At Design Continuum, their integrated teams of researchers, strategists, designers and technical specialists focus on design, strategy, product and brand development that achieves their clients’ business objectives. They bring consumer, technology and medical innovations to market readiness. They help develop new ideas and breathe new life into old ones. They deliver strategic paths to companies.
Design Edge
Offices: Austin, Texas
Design Edge was founded with a simple mission: create world-class products. They have matured, grown, and developed into one of the leading strategic product development companies in the world. Why have they been so successful for so long? They employ some of the best people in the industry. They insure that Design Edge works with innovative and market leading companies, both large and small


ECCO Design
Offices: New York, New York
ECCO Design is a creative consultancy that helps companies understand how consumers experience products. And then apply that knowledge through design to maximize marketing opportunities. For over 15 years, they’ve worked with marketing managers, product planners and design directors to bring their brands and vision to life.
Eclipse Product Development
Offices: Amesbury, Massachusetts
Eclipse Product Development has over 12 years experience helping their clients commercialize their medical, instrument and consumer product technology by designing innovative and cost-effective products that users find appealing, useful, and usable. Eclipse utilizes a four Phase rapid product development process. Client interaction throughout each phase of the process is the key for success.
EEC Product Development
Offices: Plainville, Massachusetts
EEC Product Development is an engineering/product design and development firm offering mechanical design, industrial design, electrical design and hardware/software development. They can assist you in any phase of your product design and development from the initial concept right through to production. In addition to their engineering services, they also offer thermal analyses, FEA, and rapid prototyping of parts in plastic and metal.
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
(ELEVEN) offers a wide range of design and creative services. Their business relationships are robust and based on long-term goals of innovation and success. They work with clients both big and small ranging from extreme sports and consumer products to soft goods, high-tech and environmental systems.
Essential Design
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Essential Design's interdisciplinary teams include product development experts from the fields of design research, strategy, industrial design and mechanical engineering. They believe in the strategic and tactical advantages of closely integrated resources. Essential's design capabilities are shaped by years of experience creating successful products for leading companies in diverse product categories.