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Karim Rashid
Offices: New York, New York
Designing for an impressive array of clients from Umbra to Prada, Miyake to Method, Karim Rashid is radically changing the aesthetics of consumer product design, and the very nature of the consumer culture. To date Karim has had over 2000 objects put into production. Karim is largely credited for bringing exceptional, affordable design to the masses.


Leisure Product Solutions
Offices: Chanhassen, Minnesota
Leisure is a full service product development firm, committed to the success of their clients' products. Since 1986, Leisure has built a reputation for successful medical, industrial, hardware, fitness, sporting goods, toy, electronics, and housewares product solutions. Their comprehensive facility and staff provides solutions for every step of the product development process, from conception through merchandising.
Lunar Design
Offices: Palo Alto-San Francisco, California
Lunar creates what's next in successful design. The firm's clients come to Lunar to get serious about applying design value in business. With a portfolio of highly successful products that have generated tens of billions of dollars in sales, Lunar has been among the top five award-winning industrial design firms for the last 10 years, according to Business Week magazine. Founded in 1984, Lunar provides full service product and brand development.


M3 Design
Offices: Austin, Texas
M3 offers full product development services—from initial design strategy through concept development to production liaison and support. They lend a creative eye in all aspects of product design. They are committed to helping their clients achieve bottom line success, and they design for manufacture and marketability. M3 practices user-centered design to ensure all product users' needs are met.
Offices: Frenchtown, New Jersey
Machineart designs new products. They work with clients to provide the most creative industrial design consulting service in the business, on a personal, efficient, and affordable scale. Machineart products are recognized for their creativity, visual flair, and positive user experience.
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Manta Product Development is an award winning design and engineering group. They excel at innovation. Your business success will be enhanced by integrating Manta's conceptual and analytical capabilities into your strategic product planning and development activities. Their user-centric approach to problem solving, technical competence and broad experience with consumer, medical, sporting goods and industrial products will benefit your team.
Offices: St Louis, Missouri
Metaphase creates award-winning, innovative breakthroughs in design, ergonomics, packaging and research for the world's most prestigious and influential brands. Using advanced design research techniques, both qualitatively (sensing what people think, fell & behave) they discover trends & preferences; measure and define behavioral patterns & purchasing criteria; and profile lifestyles and user & buyer experiences.
Morpheus Prototypes
Offices: Torrance, California
Morpheus Prototypes is a multi-level development firm, specializing in utilization of rapid manufacturing technologies. They work with automotive, aerospace, product, toy, movie and architectural industries. They pride themselves in the dedication of their craft with over 10 years of experience.
Morrow Design
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Morrow Design provides a full range of creative services for product development, industrial design, structural packaging and graphic communications. They specialize in the design and development of medical, consumer and industrial products. They partner with their clients to provide vision and user focused, market driven solutions that are a strategic component of their success.


Offices: San Francisco, California
Newdealdesign was founded to provide a personable alternative to the large product design franchises. With more than 25 awards and repeated listings by BusinessWeek as one of the top design teams in the US, their work combines design excellence with best-selling products. Developing both consumer and commercial products has allowed their many clients to enjoy the benefits of a 'hands on' design and common sense approach.