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Offices: Irvine, California
Since 1984 Omnica has developed hundreds of products and offered fresh perspectives to start-up companies, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. Omnica's in-house design and engineering team are the foundation of their product development effort. Their 27 experienced team members can take product development as far as you want—initial conception, through the sourcing of vendors, to interfacing with your manufacturer.
One & Co
Offices: San Francisco, California
One & Co designs products and communications that resonate functionally and culturally, helping their clients build strong customer relationships. They are driven by an informed intuition that combines business & creativity, art & science, intelligence & beauty. Using their innovative creative sessions and their unique form, ergonomic and modeling processes, they produce award winning, compelling solutions.


Patton Design
Offices: Irvine, California
Patton Design is a consultant industrial design firm dedicated to the seamless integration of the product development process through a team approach. This approach includes all disciplines throughout the design profession. The goal is to help the client achieve strategic competitive advantage through product development and innovation. Doug Patton, founder of Patton Design, has received over 150 design awards and 40 engineering patents.
Offices: London, England
Pentagram originated in London in 1972, and later expanded further to Germany & the US Their structure enables them to offer an efficient and a broad range of design services to both local and international clients. All clients benefit equally from the full weight of Pentagram's experience and resources.
Philips Design
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Philips Design embraces technology, but as a means to an end. It is an enabler, a way of achieving a better quality of life. Their visionary approach—enriching design with human sciences, user research and always with a clear people focus—allows them to shape technology in a way that answers people's existing and latent needs.
Piton Engineering
Offices: Newport Beach, California
Piton Engineering is a product development consultancy that designs products for a variety of markets. They can help with: industrial design & concept images; mechanical & electrical design; PCB design; fab drawings and BOMs; rapid prototyping; paten, marketing & 510(k) drawings; and, small quantity, turnkey production. Since 1988, they've helped dozens of companies design profitable products.
Pollen Design
Offices: New York, New York
Pollen Design is a full-service design and new product development firm with the right blend of consultative and pragmatic hands-on approaches. From an "idea on a napkin" to a commercially successful "product on a shelf", Pollen excels at helping companies navigate the complex nature of today's new product development process, anticipating market needs, and leading trends. Their principals and staff prefer partnering with clients.


Prime Studio
Offices: New York, New York
Prime Studio provides strategic, dynamic product design to established and developing brands. Flexibility is inherent in their approach, allowing them to create and evolve teams of specialist's custom tailored to each specific project. They've found that this way of working helps form long-standing partnerships with their clients, ensuring superior thinking and targeted answers, along with an accessibility unrivaled at larger consultancies.
Priority Designs
Offices: Columbus, Ohio
Priority Designs is a multidisciplinary product development consulting firm. Together with their clients, they create innovative products, packaging, point-of-purchase displays and communications that drive business success. To put it simply, they give form to new ideas and guide them to production.
Product Development Technologies (PDT)
Offices: Lake Zurich, Illinois
PDT is a global product development company with offices in five international locations. They believe that successful product innovation depends on establishing a knowledge-sharing culture with their clients. They focus on transforming their clients' strategies into tactical advantages in their markets. They have developed a unique approach enabling them to vertically integrate all phases of the product development process.
Product Insight
Offices: Acton, Massachusetts
Product Insight is an internationally acclaimed product development firm with strength in creative problem solving. They are dedicated to helping business leaders solve challenging problems through the creative discovery and realization of innovative, product concepts that enrich human experiences. Their core competency is in product strategy, user research, and translation of user needs into successful products that meet user, market and technology requirements.
Product Ventures
Offices: Fairfield, Connecticut
Product Ventures enables clients to get the right product to market fast. Their cross-functional team rallies with clients to rapidly create product and packaging innovations. Their infectious enthusiasm and collaborative approach inspire solutions. Consistent marketplace success has earned them lasting relationships with the world's leading companies.
Proteus Design
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
At Proteus, they are so client-centered, that they often find it difficult to talk about themselves, but they will try. They have an excellent track record for bringing products to market. Their time to market, and the number of products brought to market is exceptionally high. At Proteus, they don't stand on ceremony, and a person's title means far less than a person's ability to deliver excellent thinking.