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Reed Prototype + Model (RPM)
Offices: Austin, Texas
RPM, Custom CNC Machining, was formed in 1997 to focus on meeting the increasing demand of high quality machined prototypes and appearance models. They concentrate exclusively on complex surface machining because they believe it not only complements other prototyping processes, but truly yields the highest quality and performance value.
RKS Design
Offices: Thousand Oaks, California
Although the allure of the designs from RKS could be coveted for their attraction and engagement alone, RKS combines aesthetics and function from the perspective of the end user. Each product designed and engineered by RKS exhibits a purity of form, individuality, and intuitive functionality that sets the RKS-designed products apart from first glance to years of gratification.


Smart Design
Offices: New York, New York
Smart is dynamic. Their researchers, product designers, graphic and interaction designers, and engineers all work together to understand what is most important to people. They embrace a collaborative approach that is fueled by the strengths of each design discipline. By sharing perspectives and actively challenging one another they discover the big ideas that make substantial change possible.
Solid Design Solutions
Offices: Mounds View, Minnesota
Since 1997 Solid Design Solutions, Inc. has been providing quality product development services from Concept through Production. Their engineering, R&D, and project management resources that provide recommendations into product design can significantly lower the overall cost of your project. Reviewing material selection, components and assembly features, tolerances and assembly methods are a few of the areas that are scrutinized.
SONIC Design
Offices: New York, New York
SONIC is a full-service design firm. With logic and fantasy, they offer their clients innovative design solutions to meet both aesthetic and functional demands necessary to compete successfully in today's aggressive and rapidly changing economy. Following a detailed design brief, their process is divided into different design phases, which allows their clients to work with them closely on the projects.
Speck Product Design
Offices: Palo Alto-Orange, California & Shanghai, China
Speck Product Design is an award-winning engineering and design firm. Their designs range from large-scale Internet routers for Cisco Systems to tiny, implantable drug delivery systems for Alza. And although their designs have been recognized by BusinessWeek with a Gold IDEA Design award, they focus on the bottom line: designing products that are market successes.


Stratos Product Development
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Stratos is a world-class company of experts in all of the disciplines required for commercializing technology and bringing products rapidly to market. As a systems solution provider, they offer the client a deep portfolio of value, built from years of accumulating intellectual capital. Their solutions are executed with a rare combination of creative passion, technical expertise and business know-how.
Stuart Karten Design (SKD)
Offices: New York, New York
Stuart Karten Design, as a full-service industrial design consultancy, can deliver virtually everything a prospective client could need—from concept to solution. Their process is structured yet organic and they pride themselves on a formulation of innovative concepts not automatic solutions. Reconciling marketing needs with production realities, SKD creates products that not only address functionality but also instill desire.
Sundberg Ferar
Offices: Walled Lake, Michigan
Sundberg-Ferar is a group of people who share a common passion for making the world a better place through the development of great products. Great products are almost always the outcome of a creative environment. At Sundberg-Ferar, the development and nurturing of a creative environment is their #1 priority. For almost seventy years they have been learning how to build an environment where creative people can thrive.
Offices: New York, New York
Swerve - Building great brands with innovative design. Experienced in a diverse array of categories, they offer a worldly perspective on brand design. Swerve's innovative process leads to award winning, proprietary designs. Their state-of-the-art digital design and modeling tools take your project from concept through to fruition in record time.