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Aberdeen Group
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & Palo Alto, California
Aberdeen Group is a leading IT market analysis and positioning services firm that helps Information Technology vendors establish leadership in emerging markets. Aberdeen's consultants provide up-to-the-minute global IT market insights in more than 25 IT market segments. Research practices focus on emerging market opportunities, market growth rates, important industry trends, and customer buying patterns.
ABI Research
Offices: New York, New York
ABI Research is a technology research think tank. When ABI was founded in 1990, the initial focus of their research was on low noise and power semiconductor components. As the end-use markets of these components began to proliferate beyond their traditional role of military applications, ABI expanded its analytical coverage to commercial markets that represented opportunities for radio frequency (RF) semiconductor manufacturers.
Acacia Research Group
Offices: Vancouver, Washington
Acacia Research Group provides timely and accurate business intelligence to decision makers across the entertainment technology industry—covering tools and middleware for interactive content creation, consumer entertainment and communications hardware, content distribution channels, and business models for content deployment.
Acclaro Growth Partners
Offices: Reston, Virginia
Acclaro Growth Partners provides strategic growth services to middle market CEOs. They partner with their clients to help them identify and answer the most appropriate questions. Acclaro focuses on the most critical issues and solve the most difficult problems—in order to eliminate barriers to growth, reveal new paths to growth, and unleash the full potential of the organization to consistently grow over time.
Offices: New York, New York
A division of Dutch business information giant VNU, ACNielsen is the world's leading retail sales data collection business. It compiles data from retail store scanners and in-store audits in more than 80 countries, providing information on market share, pricing, and promotional effectiveness. It also collects information on brand loyalty, purchases, and demographics through its consumer panel of more than 125,000 households in about 20 countries.