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10tacle Studios
Offices: Charleroi, Belgium
10tacle Studios is specialized in the development of games that bring a significant added value to the field of game-design. Their focus is games that feature innovative and spectacular character behaviors and “never seen before” gaming moments. In addition they are developing “NeoReality”, a cross-platform, multi-genre, current and next generation technology solution.


Amaze Entertainment
Offices: Kirkland, Washington
A division of Foundation 9 Entertainment, Amaze Entertainment™ delivers world-class video games on time and on budget. And we do it every time and on any platform. They understand the needs of their partners because gaming isn't just their favorite pastime... it’s their business. Founded in 1996, they’ve been dedicated to creating high quality, cutting edge game play from the very first day. And now, with more than 270 talented employees, they're as responsive and enthused as ever.
Offices: San Diego, California
Areae was founded in July of 2006 and are now venture-backed. They are run by their President, Raph Koster and John Donham, veterans of the whole “massively multiplayer” scene. They're working on some new tech that will literally change how virtual worlds are made. They've got a cool world or two incubating on the back burner.
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
ArenaNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCsoft® Corporation. ArenaNet has built a state-of-the-art, interactive game network and develops premier multiplayer online games for dedicated game players. ArenaNet's first title, Guild Wars, is a global online roleplaying game that allows gamers to play with anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world. The novel business model, which requires no subscription fees and emphasizes instant action rather than time spent playing, has undoubtedly contributed to the huge commercial success of Guild Wars.
Arkane Studios
Offices: Lyon, France
Arkane Studios, founded by a few experienced developers coming mainly from Electronic Arts and Atari, has an ambitious goal to create very high-quality, innovative games offering players maximum freedom and complete immersion in powerful and believable universes. With significant experience in first-person games, their team is now determined to explore the possibilities offered by online and new-generation-console games and express themselves while meeting some new challenges.


Artech Studios
Offices: Ottawa, Ontario
Founded in 1982, Artech is a world class developer of interactive entertainment, video games, DVD, interactive TV and digital animation for international markets. Artech has many Gold and Platinum awards for million selling titles with over 200 games across all platforms, including Xbox, PS2 and PC. Artech's strategy is to develop proprietary production methodologies to leverage digital content across many media platforms including web based entertainment and TV.
Atomic Planet Entertainment (APE)
Offices: Middlesbrough, England
Atomic Planet Entertainment is a video games development studio which was formed in August 2000. Their goal at APE is to become one of the most successful and highly respected video game developers in the world. This is already starting to take shape, backed up by a management team that has over 70 years of industry experience and have worked on over 130 game sku's. They have a stream of projects in the pipeline, and a number of highly respected recent titles to their credit, including Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown, Gametrak: Dark Wind, Jackie Chan Adventures, and the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.
Offices: Brisbane, Australia
Established in 1995, Auran first came to prominence with the hit RTS Dark Reign: The Future of War, which won Strategy Game of the Year in 1997. As one of Australia's oldest and largest game studios Auran has won numerous technology awards and operates from world-class facilities. Boasting a team of internationally experienced developers, Auran's staff have worked on a titles including: Asheron's Call 1 & 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Ultima Online, Mythica, Middle Earth Online, Need for Speed Underground, Magic and Mayhem and many more.
Avalanche Studios
Offices: Stockholm Sweden
Avalanche studios cater ultimately to the player, taking great pride in creating games with a true love and utter respect for the medium. They make games that they would like to play themselves. They have one of the most state of the art graphics engines in the world, a fact in which they take great pride. The Avalanche technology is a tool to create intriguing gameplay and thoroughly inventive game features.