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Offices: New York, New York; Washington, DC; Chicago, Atlanta, Georgia Irving, Texas & Burbank, California
The Ad Council has endeavored to improve the lives of all Americans since first creating the category of public service advertising in 1942. From their earliest efforts including "Loose Lips Sink Ships" to the more recent "I am an American," Ad Council PSAs have been raising awareness, inspiring action and saving lives for more than 60 years. Based on their long history of effecting positive change, it's fair to say that Ad Council campaigns have inspired several generations of Americans.
American Library Association (ALA)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & Washington, DC
The American Library Association is the oldest and largest library association in the world, with more than 64,000 members. Its mission is to promote the highest quality library and information services and public access to information. ALA offers professional services and publications to members and nonmembers, including online news stories from American Libraries and analysis of crucial issues from the Washington Office.


Cable in the Classroom (CIC)
Offices: Washington, DC
Cable in the Classroom is the cable industry's education foundation. It focuses on using media and technology to improve teaching and learning for children in schools, at home, and in their communities. For more than ten years, CIC and the National PTA have been helping parents and families learn about media literacy and critical television viewing.
Center for Digital Democracy (CDD)
Offices: Washington, DC
The Center for Digital Democracy is committed to preserving the openness and diversity of the Internet in the broadband era, and to realizing the full potential of digital communications through the development and encouragement of noncommercial, public interest programming. CDD works to ensure that the digital media serve the public interest, and works closely with the Children’s Media Policy Coalition to ensure that digital television stations serve the needs of the child audience.
Common Sense Media
Offices: San Francisco, California
Common Sense Media is a national organization led by concerned parents and individuals, with experience in child advocacy, public policy, education, media and entertainment. Their members have a broad range of views and backgrounds, but share an interest in improving the media for their families. It is designed for people who are busy being parents or educators and need a resource they can turn to for guidance.
Offices: Washington, DC
In March of 2004, the cable industry launched a multi-faceted consumer education campaign called Cable Puts You in Control to alert you about the tools and resources cable provides, so you can control programming that comes into your home and make educated and responsible decisions about television viewing. The site features information on cable’s blocking technology, descriptions of family-friendly cable programming, and resources devoted to media literacy and education.