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American Mutoscope & Biograph
Offices: Los Angeles, California
The American Mutoscope and Biograph Company is the oldest movie company in America established in 1895, and the most unique motion picture and entertainment company in existence today. Biograph encompasses a wide range of genres, including independent motion pictures, commercial and business production, wireless entertainment, live entertainment, and multimedia. Biograph is managed by entertainment artists who understand the needs of other artists, and provide the best motion picture and professional entertainment and production services.
AWT Films
Offices: Oxford, England
AWT Films was set up in 2003 to make a small 'day in the life' documentary. This came from the director being on set at a BBC production, as well as many others. From there they have done about 10 short films, acquired 2 studios with extra rooms, and spent more than they should do on equipment. Their mission is to come up with a completely new type of film with new camera angles, with their director they try all the different angles possible to make their film more interesting for the audience, and to make a pioneer film.


Barrandov Studios
Offices: Prague, Czech Republic
Barrandov Studios is one of the largest and oldest film studios in Europe.  For more than seventy years, the studios have been the location of choice for over 2,500 Czech and International films. The studios’ primary objective is to ensure the presence of all film-related fields and services in one convenient location—on the famed “hill behind Prague”—where Barrandov’s founding fathers, the Havel brothers, built the now legendary studios in the 1930s.


Castle Rock Entertainment
Offices: Beverly Hills, California
Castle Rock Entertainment, whose hits include such feature films as Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality, Best in Show, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, In the Line of Fire, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers and television's Seinfeld, was founded in 1987 by Alan Horn (now the President & COO of Warner Bros Entertainment) and his then-partners Rob Reiner, Martin Shafer, Glenn Padnick and Andrew Scheinman. Castle Rock became part of the Warner Bros. family with Time Warner's acquisition of Turner Entertainment (1996).
CBS Studio Center
Offices: Studio City, California
Mack Sennett, "The King of Comedy" came to the San Fernando Valley in 1928, where introduced such famous comedians as Charlie Chaplin and the incomparable WC Fields. The Keystone Cops started a whole new school of comedy. The Studio consisted of a two-story office building, a one-story projection room/film editing building, a one-story film library, two-story dressing rooms adjoining one large sound stage, one-story wardrobe building, garage building, and a stage building with a swimming pool beneath the floor.
Columbia Pictures
Offices: Culver City, California
Founded in 1924, Columbia Pictures has a strong reputation for both critical and commercial success. Recent releases include: Spanglish, Closer, Christmas with the Cranks (with Revolution Studios), Spider Man 2, Little Black Book (with Revolution Studios), The Forgotten (with Revolution Studios) and The Grudge. Sony Pictures Classics specializes in the acquisition, marketing, and distribution of prestigious foreign and American independent films.


Disney Studios
Offices: Burbank, California
In 1937, Disney's innovative first full length animated feature, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, was released to critical acclaim and worldwide success. In order to expand and meet the expectations of his audience, Walt saw a need to increase the size of his studio. With the profits from Snow White, he made a deposit on 51 acres of land in Burbank and began designing a modern studio specifically for the purpose of making animated films.
Offices: Glendale, California
In 1994, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen formed DreamWorks. The company’s animation division partnered with Northern California-based PDI to produce CG animated movies, beginning with Antz in 1996. The two companies went on to create some of the most memorable, critically acclaimed and successful animated movies ever, including Shrek, which received the first-ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, and Shrek 2, which ended its theatrical run as the third highest-grossing domestic release of all time and the highest-grossing animated film of all time.


Evergreen Films
Offices: Pacific Palisades, California
From pre-production to post, Evergreen Films carries cinematic projects through every stage of the filmmaking process. A fusion of talented creative minds and the most cutting-edge technology, Evergreen Films has the most unique capability of producing the most critical aspects of the filmmaking process, all in house. Merging talent and technology under one roof, they're a turnkey production company saving valuable time, money and resources for filmmakers worldwide.