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Offices: Baltimore, Maryland
In 1947 WMAR-TV came on the air. It is Maryland's first commercial television station and the 11th in the nation. The station was the site of many technological breakthroughs. It has also had a noteworthy staff, including Janet Covington, the first woman director (1948). WMAR is involved with numerous public service activities and donates air time each summer to the John's Hopkins Miracle Network Telethon. It is an affiliate of ABC.
Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah
ABC 4 is the ABC affiliate for the Salt Lake City market and is owned by Clear Channel Communications. KTVX provides equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Their employees are highly creative, excellent writers and possess the ability to work quickly under pressure. They are also very organized and flexible.
Offices: Providence, Rhode Island
Founded in 1963. Acquired by Freedom Communications in 1983.ABC6 strives every day to be relevant to the lives of those who reside in Southern New England. With innovative programming, strong community involvement, and a commitment to providing clear, unbiased and accurate information, ABC6 upholds the core values of the Freedom family. Their corporate philosophy of local decision-making allows them to take action quickly and appropriately in response to local needs-whether in news or community service.
Offices: Columbus, Ohio
ABC 6 is the ABC affiliate for the Columbus market and is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. ABC 6 is a combination station with its sister Fox 28 (WTTE). They have skilled reporters and producers who can put together well written and visually compelling newscasts. The goal of their internship program is to recruit candidates, primarily juniors and seniors, from colleges and prepare them for entry-level jobs within the broadcast industry.

-ABC- (cont.)

Offices: Los Angeles, California
ABC 7 is the ABC affiliate for the Los Angeles market and is owned and operated by Disney/ABC. KABC-TV is an equal opportunity employer. Their reporters are very experienced and have excellent writing and live presentation skills. their news team is highly skilled and qualified, easily able to deal with breaking news and harsh deadlines. All have excellent writing abilities and thrive under pressure.
Offices: San Francisco, California
KGO-TV in San Francisco is the ABC-owned television station serving San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and all of Northern California. KGO-TV began its broadcasting operations on May 5, 1949. The station became the second station on the air in Northern California. Today, KGO-TV's signal reaches as far north as Geyserville and as far south as Watsonville, a 75 mile radius. It employs approximately 250 people and has continued through the years to produce quality local programming recognized throughout the broadcast industry and having an exceptional impact in Northern California.
Offices: El Paso, Texas
KILT-TV 13 (now KVIA) signed on the air in a facility in south central El Paso on September 1, 1956. On July 10, 1981 they became KVIA Channel 7. KVIA maintains a partnership agreement with the El Paso Times. This arrangement provides for daily live interviews with Times reporters during ABC 7 newscasts and ABC 7 meteorologists providing the Times readers with daily weather forecasts. ABC 7 and the Times have participated in several landmark polling, reporting and town hall projects.
Offices: New York, New York
WABC-TV is licensed in New York City to ABC7. It began operating on August 10, 1948, and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 1998. ABC7 is owned by the American Broadcasting Company. Over a four-week period, WABC-TV will be viewed in over 6.4 million TV households. There are over 5.1 million cable TV households within the New York DMA, representing 75% of the market's total TV households. WABC-TV is carried on every cable system serving the New York DMA. They offer a diverse mix of programs: live local and national news, talk/variety and game shows, soap operas, information and entertainment, sports, movies, children's and public affairs.

-ABC- (cont.)

ABC 7 Chicago (WLS)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
ABC7 is the Disney/ABC-owned station in Chicago, the third largest market in the country. ABC7 also broadcasts the leading programs in national syndication. ABC7 has also lead the local television community in producing special event programs. Public service campaigns take a major role on ABC7, focusing on issues and concerns to Chicago area viewers. Experimental television station W9XBK began operation in the fall of 1939, as the first television station in Chicago and the third in America. In August 1943, W9XBK obtained a commercial license from the FCC.
Offices: Cincinnati, Ohio
WCPO is considered a pioneer of local live television. Its call letters were originally assigned to a Scripps radio station in Cincinnati to designate its relationship with The Cincinnati Post. The station adopted the letters in 1949 when it went on the air as the company's third television station. WCPO went online in August 1996, was the first Cincinnati entity to have updated news over the Internet, and the only Cincinnati station which streams and archives all of its newscasts.
Offices: Durham-Raleigh-Fayetteville, North Carolina
WTVD was the Triangle's first TV station when it signed on in 1954. It was 1957 when WTVD was sold to Capital Cities Communications and became the second TV station in the group. In the late 60's, WTVD switched its affiliation from NBC to CBS and it again moved to ABC in 1996. As a dominant station in market, the ABC 11 Eyewitness News team maintains its commitment to bringing viewers more local news.
Offices: Houston, Texas
ABC 13 is the ABC affiliate for the Houston market and is owned and operated by Disney/ABC. Over the years, KTRK-TV has grown to the most watched station in the Houston area. Channel 13 began broadcasting on November 20, 1954. their reporters can enterprise good, hard news stories, and respond well to breaking and spot news. Their reporters also have strong writing abilities.