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Offices: Syracuse, New York
Barrington acquired WSTM and WSTQ as part of the acquisition. WSTM is a full power VHF station that has been an NBC affiliate since it began broadcasting in 1953. WSTM broadcasts its analog signal on channel 3 and its full power digital signal on channel 54. Despite being a low power station, WSTQ can be seen across the Syracuse DMA through local cable systems in the area. WSTQ has been a UPN affiliate since 2003, when it began broadcasting, and has agreed to become a CW affiliate beginning in September 2006. WSTM and WSTQ are sister stations.
CW 11 (WPIX)
Offices: New York, New York
New York's CW11 (WPIX-TV Channel 11), is the flagship station of The CW Television Network. Founded in 1948 and owned by Tribune Broadcasting, a division of the Tribune Company, WPIX has long been regarded as a groundbreaking station in New York. In September 2006, The WB11 became The CW11. Its successful CW Network programming, award winning news, extensive library of movies, first-run programs, off-network sitcom, quality children's programming and public affairs shows, as well as event coverage, has contributed to the station's success.
CW 11 (KPLR)
Offices: St. Louis, Missouri
KPLR reaches approximately 1,000,000 St. Louis DMA households and 642,000 cable television households (in 7 states). CW 11 was the second TV station in the nation to put up an earth satellite receiving station. CW 11 also boasts a full scale production facility. The CW 11 KPLR-TV debut produced CW's third strongest ratings and shares nationwide. They are the flagship station for the St. Louis Cardinals.
CW 11 (KSTW)
Offices: Seattle, Washington
KSTW-TV began broadcasting on March 1, 1953 as KTNT-TV in a Seattle-Tacoma market that consisted of only 189,000 TV homes. Today KSTW-TV reaches more than 1.6 million TV homes in the Puget Sound region, and an additional 1.3 million cable homes throughout British Columbia and the state of Washington. KSTW-TV 11 is a part of the CBS Television Stations Group, fully owned by CBS Corporation based in New York City. On August 11th, 2006, KSTW-11 became a charter affiliate of The CW.

-CW- (cont.)

CW 12 (KQCW)
Offices: Tulsa, Oklahoma
CW 12 is Tulsa’s CW Network affiliate making the switch in 2006. The CW network was formed when The WB network merged with the UPN network. CW 12 is home to The News on 6 at 9:00pm. It’s a fresh newscast from Tulsa’s most-watched news operation. They signed on in 1999 as an affiliate of The WB network. They are currently owned by Griffon Communications.
CW 15 (WLYH)
Offices: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
CBS 15 is the CW television station in Harrisburg and is operated by Clear Channel. CW 15 serves Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York and the surrounding areas. As of September 18 2006, UPN 15 became The CW 15. The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of the Internet, delivers a powerful 1-2 punch that no other local media can match. CW-15 drives viewers to for the latest entertainment news, movie news and consumer information.
CW 18 (WKCF)
Offices: Orlando, Florida
CBS and Warner Brothers are the most powerful media companies in the world and have a 50/50 partnership in The CW.  This will provide CW18 with the best resources and relationships in the entertainment industry to provide the best prime time programming. WKCF is one of the top CW affiliates in the country serving Orlando/Central Florida, Daytona Beach and Melbourne.
CW 18 (WVTV)
Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WVTV signed on in the mid-50's as a CBS affiliate. In 1997, after decades of independent programming, WVTV became a WB affiliate. WVTV & WCGV were established as one of the first duopolies in the country and in spring of 2002, Sinclair Broadcasting became owner of both television stations. WCGV is the broadcast home of the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2006 WVTV became an affiliate of The CW network.
CW 22 (KSKN)
Offices: Spokane, Washington
KSKN is the sister station to the CBS affiliate KREM. Both stations are subsidiaries of the Belo Corp. Broadcast Division, which comprises one of the country's largest and most successful television station groups with 16 network-affiliated television stations, reaching 14 percent of all US television households. is a subsidiary of Belo Interactive, Belo Corp.'s Internet subsidiary. KSKN signed on in 1983 and has been an independent station and both a UPN and WB affiliate before switching to The CW network.