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3D/I International
Offices: Houston, Texas
3D/I International provides design, construction, and information technology for the built environment. They can provide clients with a single specialized service, or combine multiple services into a comprehensive, integrated package. Their services include architecture, interiors, construction management, facility condition assessment, information technology, master planning, and program & project management.
360 Architecture
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri; Columbus, Ohio & San Francisco, California
360 Architecture is an innovative architectural practice that is widely recognized for excellence in planning, design and execution across a diversity of projects, including ballparks and sports arenas, corporate and commercial office buildings, mixed-use entertainment districts, municipal and government facilities, and single- and multi-family residential buildings. Their services include architectural design, interior design, master planning, building & site evaluation, facility management & space planning.
4240 Architecture
Offices: Denver, Colorado & Chicago, Illinois
4240 Architecture's vision is to bridge the gap between apparent opposites: nature and technology, individuals and communities, the sacred and profane, emotion and reason, light and dark, object and space. To give people architectural solutions that nurture the spirit, that heal their landscapes and their communities, that celebrate light, that accept the polarities of revelation and creation, and that foster stewardship, place making and the art of the everyday.