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Advanced Digital Replication (ADR)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Advanced Digital Replication has provided outstanding media replication and packaging services since 1998. They understand each replication project is unique, and specialize in custom solution development, specifically tailored to their client's needs. ADR specializes in accountable Project Management, as well as VHS duplication, graphic design, print solutions and consultation. To fully address client needs, media archiving and distribution services are available.
AGI Media
Offices: Sussex, England
AGI Media is the new worldwide trade name for their growing international network of linked companies. Wherever they do business, they are dedicated to serving their customers, large and small, with the same level of innovation, quality and responsiveness that has been the hallmark of their success for decades.  For more than thirty years, AGI has supplied music, entertainment and multimedia markets with unique packaging solutions.
Offices: Pico River, California
-PAC is an industry leading manufacturer and factory direct wholesaler of CD & DVD packaging products. They serve replicators/duplicators/DVD & post production facilities worldwide for over 9 years. Their mission is to provide their valued customer with the best possible product at an aggressive price, superior service and the fastest delivery in the busine
Avery Denison
Offices: Pasadena, California
Thanks to this tradition, innovation at Avery Dennison means more than simple curiosity about how things work. It means an environment that fosters creativity and encourages new ideas. Employees who are dedicated to making things better. And a company-wide commitment to develop unique products and services that fulfill unmet customer needs. Their ongoing vision is to continue to provide innovative decorating, information transfer and bonding solutions that enable our customers’ success.


Offices: Los Angeles, California
Established in 1930, Bert-Co is a premier Los Angeles area printer. Through their seventy-years of expertise Bert-Co has adapted with the demand of the market change. Bert-Co began with printing matchbook covers in the 1930’s and then in the 1960’s emerged to record jackets and now for the new century they produce award winning packaging, heat set web, point of purchase and DVD/CD packaging, Cine-Pak.


Offices: Thulin, Belgium; Muri, Switzerland; & Kennebunk, Maine
Carthuplas is focused totally on optical media and multimedia industry. First with the launch of the Brilliant MaxiBox, then with the Clip Tray (the thinnest CD box ever) in 1999. During the last years, Carthuplas has heavily invested in DVD packaging development. In 2001, Carthuplas was again at the forefront of innovation with its FlexBox, the most user friendly DVD packaging available. Carthuplas has introduced the MultiFlexBox to the power 4.
Offices: Toronto, Ontario & Huntsville, Alabama
Cinram International is the world's largest independent provider of pre-recorded multimedia products and logistics services. With facilities in North America and Europe, Cinram manufactures and distributes pre-recorded DVDs, VHS video cassettes, audio CDs, audiocassettes and CD-ROMs for motion picture studios, music labels, publishers and computer software companies around the world.
Clear Vu
Offices: Westbury, New York
Clear-Vu is the recognized industry leader in retail-centric security packaging. Having become the foremost provider in the entertainment industry, Clear-Vu's innovative concepts have also won critical acclaim in other industries, particularly those distinguished with high-value merchandise in a high-touch, live sell environment.