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Offices: Brattleboro, Vermont
FiberMark's specialty fiber-based materials (specialty paper and nonwovens) maintain the engines of commerce and industry. They filter their air and help prevent electrical outages. They are used in construction and renovation, office and medical supplies and electronics. And they enhance color, texture, performance and sales for graphic design applications. Their inventive packaging papers enhance brands and help drive retail sales.


Graphic Packaging International (GPI)
Offices: Marietta, Georgia
Graphic Packaging Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Graphic Packaging International, is a leading provider of paperboard packaging solutions for a wide variety of products to multinational and other consumer products companies. The company is built on operating philosophies that include commitments to innovation, execution, cost reduction and asset utilization.

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Information Packaging
Offices: Macedon, New York
Information Packaging is a manufacturer of commercial and specialty envelopes along with innovative protective sleeves, envelopes, multiple disc packages, and mailers for CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, and DVD-Rs. Their CD & DVD sleeves, envelopes, and other packaging options are made from a variety of materials including: Tyvek®DVD, Tyvek®, paper, paperboard, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and vinyl.


Offices: Waverly, New England
As the only manufacturer of audio cassettes and boxes in the US Lenco has also become one of the leading suppliers to the CD/DVD packaging industry. Their cassettes are considered the industry’s highest quality C-0’s and they still manufacture tabs in or tabs out, sonic or screw type cassettes, and in a wide variety of colors. Their long history of innovation and support keep you ahead of the curve for your audio, CD, and DVD requirements.


Media Distributors
Offices: Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington & New York, New York
Since 1998, Media Distributors has become one of the largest and most reliable independent distributors of professional motion picture stock, videotape, recording, storage and data media in the nation. They represent every major manufacturer including Sony, Fuji, Maxell, Panasonic, Quantum, Imation, HP and Verbatim. Plus, they are the exclusive United States distributor of Fujifilm's 16mm and 35mm motion picture negative stock to producers of television commercials and independent feature films.


Offices: Uniontown, Ohio
NEXPAK is a market leader in manufacturing and supply of standard and custom packaging for DVD, CD, video, audio, and professional media formats. As a full-service solutions provider, NEXPAK offers comprehensive product development including 3D modeling, prototyping, and state-of-the-art production capabilities. Utilizing highly automated and streamlined manufacturing processes, NEXPAK provides just-in-time delivery for optimal inventory planning and control.