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Offices: Lexington, Massachusetts; Santa Cruz, California & London, England
AccuRev is the leader in process change management for distributed development, helping organizations make software development faster, more efficient and cost effective by increasing developer productivity, improving quality and reducing administrative costs. AccuRev's process change management products are ideally suited for today's fine-grained distributed development teams spread across remote locations and multiple time zones.
Offices: New York, New York
ACT! has over 700 Certified Consultants worldwide to assist small and medium-sized businesses with implementation, customization, training and support. In addition, dozens of ACT! Add-on partners create applications to help users further extend the functionality of ACT! ACT! 2005 strengthens the workflow and effectiveness of salespeople by integrating opportunity forecasting tools around enhanced contact management features to help individuals and teams.
Action File
Offices: Oxon, England
Action File strives to provide the best human resource management, payroll and time & attendance software modules through integrated products, whilst creating and maintaining a partnership of close support with each of its customers. Increasingly businesses are moving to an outsourced payroll solution. Payroll outsourcing is seen as a way of reducing costs while freeing up staff time.
Active Decisions
Offices: San Mateo, California
Active Decisions is the world's leading provider of Guided Selling Lifecycle Solutions. It's not just about having a "view" of the customer or prospect; it's about how well you engage with every single customer and prospect. At Active Decisions they recognize that not all customers are the same… and they recognize that every customer is determined to find the product and service that's right for them. Whether a customer is looking to purchase financial products, consumer electronics, cellular phone service, consumer packaged goods or any other product, Active Decisions Applications assure that the interaction is effective and follows best practices.

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Active+ Software
Offices: Vinca, France
Daniel Doguet, a Senior Software Engineer, created successful commercial products for various companies, gathered a team of young engineers to start Active+ Software in '97. The rapid growth of the Windows NT platform as an emerging standard provided the opportunity for developing OS enhancing utilities that would provide companies with the robustness required for their server applications. Active+ Software has become a recognized Windows NT specialist, supplying major international customers with its software utilities. the team has since added new products like eMill, a complete and flexible emailing workshop.
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
ActiveState is the leading provider of tools and services for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. The key features of dynamic languages: high-level, dynamically typed and open source, make them ideally suited to building loosely-coupled systems that adapt to changing requirements. Their products and services range from language distributions for general purpose scripting; to professional development, debugging and deployment tools; to services that ensure peace-of-mind and stability of essential systems.
Offices: San Francisco, California
Actuate is a world leader in enterprise reporting and performance management applications that empower 100% of users to achieve breakthrough corporate performance. Actuate provides the most scalable, reliable, flexible and high-performing reporting capabilities for every application in the enterprise. Customers use Actuate to deliver information in context to users inside and outside the firewall as performance management, customer interaction, managed spreadsheet and Java reporting applications.
Offices: Little Rock, Arkansas; Downers Grove, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; London, England; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia & Tokyo, Japan
At Acxiom, they create and deliver customer and information management solutions that enable many of the largest, most respected companies in the world to build great relationships with their customers. Acxiom achieves this by blending data, technology and services to provide the most advanced customer information infrastructure available in the marketplace today.
Offices: Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland
Adequasys offers truly innovative solutions for human resources; their constant goals are to understand HRM needs and to offer products that meet their expectations. They carry out the tasks they have been assigned with discretion, transparency and integrity; in particular, they make it a rule to provide reliable solutions, within the fixed deadlines, according to the stipulated costs, and they are always available to match their clients' evolving requirements.