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Offices: San Francisco, California
Actuate is a world leader in enterprise reporting and performance management applications that empower 100% of users to achieve breakthrough corporate performance. Actuate provides the most scalable, reliable, flexible and high-performing reporting capabilities for every application in the enterprise. Customers use Actuate to deliver information in context to users inside and outside the firewall as performance management, customer interaction, managed spreadsheet and Java reporting applications.
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Austin, Texas
From manufacturing to sales, you may have wondered how to operate a little smarter. So you can produce a little more, sell a little more, profit a little more. As you know, better results like these don't just happen. They begin with your people and how well they work together across multiple departments. Arcplan's dynaSight analytic development platform integrates seamlessly with existing data and domain models and delivers real analytic functionality from the factory floor to the executive suite.


Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Bianix provides out-of-the-box business metrics based on industry leading practices, in addition to pre-built optimization algorithms that clients use to effectively measure their business supply-chain processes. Using Bianix's pre-packaged solutions for the supply-chain industry, their team is focused on helping clients implement supply chain (retail, logistics and manufacturing) decision support systems that deliver measurable business value. While using Metabuilder™, organizations can now deploy and manage metadata repositories.
Bittle Solutions
Offices: Paris, France
Bittle is a BI solution which is accessible online as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Bittle Solutions enables you to create digital dashboards and reports quickly and simply, so you can effectively manage your organization’s business activity. Whether that activity is in marketing, sales, HR, finance, purchases or IT, Bittle will allow you to keep track of your metrics and no technical IT skills are required.
Business Objects
Offices: San Jose, California & Paris, France
Business Objects is a global Business Intelligence (BI) software company. Today, they are a leader in the BI industry and are one of the largest software companies in the world. They have a unique transnational approach to business based on balancing global effectiveness and local empowerment. Their strategy, products, and services are developed with the goals of the customer in mind.


Offices: Ashburn, Virginia
Cizer Software hosts product development, solutions services, and training class activities, but also provides on-site & remote solution services for clients around the USA. For over 23 years, Cizer Software has been specializing in Microsoft-platform database reporting solutions. In their work with both public sector and commercial clients, they have delivered Cizer solutions for a wide variety of requirements, meeting data reporting needs for financial and accounting, budgeting, human resources, sales and marketing, judiciary tracking, and many other areas of business and government.
Offices: Reston, Virginia
With many years invested in the Clarabridge™ solution, they're simply the most qualified company to unlock the insights hidden in your unstructured content. We've worked harder, thought deeper, and developed smarter software than any other vendor in the marketplace. They are the only solution that fully integrates with all existing business intelligence (BI) tools. This not only allows you to leverage existing best-of-breed tools in any combination, but it also means faster implementation times, greater cost-effectiveness, and an accelerated ROI.
Clarity Systems
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Since 1995, Clarity Systems has been delivering performance management solutions for budgeting, forecasting, planning, reporting, consolidations, and analytics to large and mid-market companies around the world. Clarity has developed a unified performance management platform which is complemented by dedicated consulting, advisory and training services. Clarity’s rapid growth is due to our success in improving our customer’s business processes to increase efficiency, accountability, performance, and drive business value.
Offices: Ottawa, Ontario; Berkshire, England; St Leonards, Australia & Burlington, Massachusetts
Cognos is the world leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and performance planning software for the enterprise. Their solutions let companies improve and direct corporate performance by enabling all of the key steps in the management cycle. Cognos is the only company to support all of the key management activities with a complete solution that spans all of the essential components of CPM—enterprise planning, scorecarding, and Business Intelligence.
Cosmic Solutions
Offices: Grantham, England
Cosmic Solutions is the leading supplier of category management and profitability planning services to the FMCG sector. Their software solutions are developed in-house and are supported by vast experience of their use in practice. Cosmic Solutions brings together a powerful combination of real industry knowledge and leading edge software development to produce applications that are not only intuitive but also provide pre-defined analyses that add real value from the offset
Offices: Reston, Virginia, Palo Alto, California
Coveo develops award winning enterprise search applications that deliver secure, accurate access to structured and unstructured information across the enterprise. The flagship product, Coveo Enterprise Search, delivers unified search across all documents and multi-media files located in file systems, databases, enterprise applications, email servers, intranets, and web sites. Coveo Enterprise Search delivers the best value in the marketplace with an award winning combination of out-of-the-box document level security, consumer style ease of use, unparalleled accuracy based on real-time file monitoring, concept extraction and summarization, fast deployment and minimal administration.
Offices: Denver, Colorado; Hertfordshire, England; The Netherlands & New South Wales, Australia
Founded in 1977, Cyberscience is one of the world's leading Business Intelligence solution providers. Cyberquery is the result of more than twenty years experience delivering Business Intelligence excellence. Every year, more software companies and systems integrators around the world are using Cyberscience products for both new application development and to enhance their current systems. Thus leveraging their existing investment in software and delivering compelling solutions to their customers.


Decision Support
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Decision Support provides intelligent reporting solutions for enterprises in more than 20 countries with thousands of end users. Their professional services team works with clients to determine the appropriate format for delivering accurate and useful information to decision-makers. They know that one size does not fit all, and different approaches are required to solve the unique problems their clients encounter.