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Grazia Equity
Offices: Stuttgart, Germany
Thanks to the entrepreneurial backgrounds of their investment team members, Grazia Equity understand the problems and challenges of a high growth company. Limiting their activities to selected sectors allows them to apply their substantial know-how and make use of their extensive network of industry contacts.
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Offices: Houston, Texas
The Greater Houston Community Foundation is comprised of people who are the heart of Houston’s philanthropic community. From their board of directors and executive leadership to administration and key donors, you will be part of an insightful group of Houstonians whose mission is to make a real difference in their community. And with local management, decisions are made faster and with local concerns in mind.
Greater Kansas City Community Fund
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri
The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation has met the National Standards for operational quality, donor service and accountability in the community foundation sector. Its mission is to improve the quality of life in Greater Kansas City by increasing charitable giving, connecting donors to community needs they care about, and leading on critical community issues.
Great Hill Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Great Hill Partners has over twenty years of experience investing in growth companies. The founding partners participated in three generations of successful venture funds, media/communications partners, totaling more than $700 million. The partners of Great Hill Partners provide a strong foundation, commitment to research and deep industry knowledge provide a framework for enduring success.

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Great Lakes Angels
Offices: Detroit, Michigan
The Great Lakes Angels organizes and mentors angels and provide a forum for them to grow in knowledge and wealth and foster more of the same—to help invest in entrepreneurial companies in the region. It will have numerous 'deals' presented, high-level content and quality speakers and panelists on key issues of angel investing. Current 'Angels' and high net worth 'potential Angels' can meet in a confidential and educational environment.
Great Pacific Capital
Offices: Carpentaria, California
Great Pacific Capital is an early-stage venture fund active in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. They back entrepreneurial teams with a demonstrated ability to apply technology to solve a problem and grow a business. As investors, they are very accessible and bring unmatched value to their portfolio companies, helping them achieve greatness.
GreatPoint Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
GreatPoint Ventures is a specialized investment firm which focuses on seed stage commercialization of exciting new technologies. GreatPoint invests in "big pictures" opportunities that have the potential to lead innovation and transform markets. They have been active across a broad spectrum of investment sectors, including energy, biotech, telecom, materials science and semiconductor engineering.
Great Range Capital
Offices: Leawood, Kansas
Great Range Capital believes the Midwest is an attractive market for private equity. First, the region is undercapitalized—when compared to the rest of the country, there is significantly less private equity funding in the Midwest. Secondly, local presence and relationships are vitally important to investors, management teams, and business owners in the Midwest.
Greenbriar Equity Group
Offices: Rye, New York
Greenbriar Equity Group is a private equity firm focused exclusively on making investments in the global transportation industry, an area to which it brings distinct expertise and substantial resources. Greenbriar manages $700 million of committed limited partner capital and co-investment commitments and has access to more than $1 billion for investment in privately-negotiated equity investments.

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Green Edge Ventures
Offices: San Anselmo, California
Green Edge Ventures is a clean energy technology incubation and finance company. Green Edge Ventures was founded and incubated by the management team of US Trust Corp. Green Edge a is finance company specifically established to assist in the commercialization of cutting-edge clean energy technologies.
Greenhill SAVP
Offices: New York, New York
Greenhill SAVP is a $102 million venture capital fund affiliated with Greenhill & Co, an independent global investment bank. Greenhill SAVP backs companies run by exceptional individuals where its deep relationships and operational experience can help entrepreneurs realize extraordinary growth. The Fund’s investments are typically in early stage companies that generate less than $5 million in revenue.
Greenhouse Capital Partners
Offices: Sausalito, California
In a market increasingly barren of seed investment capital, Greenhouse Capital Partners seeks to fund exceptional startups at the earliest stages of company formation while creating true lasting partnerships with their entrepreneurs. The fund maintains a broad investment approach across a range of select emerging technologies, with a specific interest in cleantech and alternative energy innovations.
Greenmont Capital Partners
Offices: Boulder, Colorado
Greenmont Capital Partners is an investment fund founded by natural product industry insiders, focusing on early-stage companies in the $500-billion Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (“LOHAS”) market. Their operations are strategically headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, a city widely regarded as the epicenter or "Silicon Valley" of the natural products industry, providing optimal flow of information, contacts and resources.
Greenpark Capital
Offices: London, England
Greenpark Capital is a well-established global leader in customized secondaries solutions. They help clients fine-tune their exposure to private equity funds by exiting or part-exiting investments prior to maturity. Their guiding principle is that every client and every transaction is different. They take a flexible approach that delivers tailor-made solutions, to help their clients maximize returns, however diverse their portfolio.

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Greenstone Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Leveraging the firm's corporate finance capabilities and relationships, Greenstone Partners Private Capital invests the firm's own money as well as capital committed by third parties. Greenstone Partners' principal investing strategy is to provide capital to established small-cap businesses with strong growth opportunities and the ability to generate sustainable cash flow.
Greenstone Venture Partners
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Greenstone Venture Partners provides venture capital funding and management support to promising early-stage technology companies located in Canada and the western United States. Since the Greenstone founders became an investment team in 1997 they have helped more than 25 innovative companies set and meet their goals through both financial investment as well as marketing, recruiting, future financings, securing customers and general corporate strategy.
Green Street Capital
Offices: Tempe, Arizona
Green Street Capital Group is an investment banking firm that provides structured finance, asset management, and financial advisory services to its client base. Green Street Capital Group offers services to clients in the following areas: direct real estate lending; placing more than $6.5 billion in real estate funding and advisory engagements; and, financial Advisor on large commercial and residential real estate portfolios.
Greenwoods Capital
Offices: Norfolk, Connecticut & New York, New York
Greenwoods Capital Partners is a private equity firm founded in 2005 with a primary focus on providing equity and equity-related capital and strategic advice to small capitalization, emerging growth companies. The firm’s investment strategy focuses on companies in the retail, business services, and applied technologies sectors.
Greer Capital
Offices: Birmingham, Alabama
GCA provides capital for private equity projects that act as a catalyst for economic growth in their community. This includes multiple roles and a range of activities based on four key principles. Companies looking for late stage or growth stage investment with proof of concept completed and revenues at or rapidly approaching a breakeven level of cash flow.