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GRP Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California & London, England
GRP Partners has funded innovative entrepreneurs who have changed the consumer landscape. They formed GRP Partners in 1996 and now manage approximately $650 million on behalf of more than 150 limited partners in North America and Europe. GRP Partners has a global perspective when serving their portfolio companies and seeking investment opportunities.
Gryphon Investors
Offices: San Francisco, California
Gryphon Investors is a well-respected private equity firm focused on making $25 million to $75 million equity or equity-linked investments in the middle market. They have over $900 million of capital under management, a blue-chip cast of limited partners, and have executed over 50 middle market equity transactions since their founding in 1995. Gryphon actively seeks companies in which they believe strong growth results can be achieved.
GSC Group
Offices: Florham Park, New Jersey
The vision of GSC Group is to be a leading institutional investment manager of alternative assets with a full spectrum of complementary investment product offerings, significantly increased assets under management and a roster of sophisticated and substantial investors. GSC applies rigorous discipline, detailed credit analysis and thorough due diligence in all of their investment decisions.
GSO Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
GSO Capital Partners is a registered alternative investment manager with approximately $8 billion in assets under management. The firm draws on the skills and experience of its 115 employees worldwide to invest in a broad array of public and private securities across multiple investment strategies. Key areas of focus include leveraged loans, distressed investments, special situations, capital structure arbitrage, mezzanine securities and private equity.

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GSR Ventures
Offices: Beijing, China & Menlo Park, California
GSR Ventures seek investment opportunities that have very large market opportunities, strong management teams and disruptive intellectual property, business models or market positions that will give them a competitive advantage to successfully compete in the global market. They are willing to invest in early stage companies with talented entrepreneurs to help build great technology companies.
GSV Capital
Offices: Woodside, California
GSV Capital is a publicly-traded investment management company, investing principally in the equity securities of rapidly growing companies—privately-held, VC-backed companies as well as select publicly-traded companies. GSV seeks to create a low-turnover portfolio. They invest through private secondary market transactions, direct investments in their portfolio companies, and through transactions executed on public securities exchanges.
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
GTCR is one of the oldest and most successful private equity firms in the country. Founded in 1980, they pioneered the strategy of identifying and partnering with outstanding executives to build leading companies. This strategy has proven exceptionally enduring, as illustrated by successful investments in more than 150 companies in a wide variety of industries over the last 20 years.
GTI Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
GTI Capital selects early-stage technology companies that have what is required to grow into high-performance businesses and provides the financing, strategic, and networking support that allows them to realize the full potential of their business vision. With $100 million in capital under management, GTI Capital focuses on early-stage companies evolving in the information technology and telecom sectors.

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GTI Group
Offices: New York, New York
GTI Group works with corporate partners, management teams and entrepreneurs to build world-class companies. GTI invests in venture capital, growth equity and lower middle market leveraged buyout opportunities. They are a team of company founders, executives, entrepreneurs, financiers and advisors. They come from diverse backgrounds and have experience across many different industries.
Guardian Capital Partners
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Guardian Capital Partners is a private equity that makes control investments in lower middle market manufacturing and service companies. They partner with management teams and provide business and liquidity solutions to sellers of family-owned businesses or non-core divisions of larger corporations. Their team has a comprehensive background in operations, finance and leveraged buyouts.
Guggenheim Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & New York, New York
Guggenheim Partners is a global, independent, privately held, diversified financial services firm with more than $100 billion in assets under supervision. They provide investment management services and products, investment advisory services, and investment banking and capital markets services. Guggenhiem employ more than 800 professionals.
GVTA Angel Network
Offices: Scranton, Pennsylvania
The Great Valley Pennsylvania Angel Network (GV-PAN) is a group of affiliated investors who provide early-stage financing to regional start-up businesses. Each member of GV-PAN makes his or her own investment decisions. To be a member of GV-PAN an individual must be an accredited investor. The group meets on a quarterly basis to review business plans, and to network with firms looking for Angel investments.