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GeoCapital Partners
Offices: Fort Lee, New Jersey; & Durham, North Carolina
Founded in 1984, Geocapital Partners has been a leading venture capital firm focused on investments in young businesses in information services and technology in both North America and Europe. They have successfully managed over $500 million in a series of partnerships that were primarily funded by large institutional investors.
Georgia Venture Partners
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Venture Partners was established in 2004 to make seed and early-stage investments in life sciences enterprises. The Fund’s purpose is twofold: 1) to achieve superior investment returns, primarily in the form of capital gains, by building and investing in debt and equity securities of a portfolio of companies, and 2) to increase economic development of life sciences by seed or early-stage investments in life science.
Georgieff Capital
Offices: Frankfurt, Germany
Georgieff Capital provides high end, synergistic financial advisory services to corporate and investor clients, both institutional and family investors, as well as entrepreneurs. The firm was founded in 2005. It operates as a partnership whose partners have gained broad experience as advisors and investors, in which capacity they have been involved in some of the highest profile corporate transactions.
GFI Energy Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Since its creation in June of 1995, GFI Energy Ventures and its predecessor entities have originated more than fifty transactions since combined to form the companies described here. Aggregate value of the companies in their portfolio exceeds $2.5 billion. GFI is always engaged in active discussions with additional potentially attractive target companies.


GF Private Equity
Offices: Ignacio, California
GF Private Equity, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, possesses assets in several industries and investment categories that are approaching $2 billion. The fund invests in a carefully-selected assortment of industries and technologies, selecting companies that are at various stages of their life cycle. Investment areas include technology and software, defense industries and telecommunications.
GGV Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
GGV Capital (formerly Granite Global Ventures) leads expansion-stage venture capital investments in the United States and Asia. Since its inception, GGV Capital has focused on expansion-stage innovation around the world with a dual focus on the U.S. and China. They are one of the first VC firms to fund start-ups in China and among the first to actively introduce U.S. companies to new markets in the region.
Offices: Singapore
GIC was established in 1982 as the private equity investment arm of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation , the global investment management company for the Singapore government’s foreign reserves. GIC is one of the largest private equity investors worldwide and manages a diversified global portfolio of investments in venture capital and private equity funds.
Gilbert Global Equity Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Gilbert Global Equity Partners is an institutional investment firm that makes private equity and equity-related investments in both public and private companies around the world. Today, Gilbert Global has a capital base of US $1.2 billion. Their principal investors are Fortune 500 corporations, State and corporate pension funds, university endowments, insurance companies and financial institutions.
Offices: The Netherlands
Gilde is a leading European venture capital fund with a truly international reach. Known for its inspiring approach, Gilde’s team of managers has built a rock-solid, 20 year-long, track record of information & communication technology investments. It has earned a reputation for professionalism, involvement, decisiveness and above all integrity. Gilde utilizes its multi-disciplined global network and in-depth experience to support entrepreneurs.