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Global Catalyst Partners (GCP)
Offices: Redwood Shores, California
Global Catalyst Partners seeks out visionary entrepreneurial leaders with innovative, competitive information technologies. Focusing on seed and early stage investments, the partners take an intensive, hands-on investment approach to turn compelling ideas into successful companies. GCP brings companies the critical resources needed to thrive during high-speed growth cycles.
Global Environment Fund (GEF)
Offices: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Established in 1990, the Global Environment Fund invests in businesses around the world that provide cost-effective solutions to environmental and energy challenges. The firm manages private equity dedicated to clean technology, emerging markets, and sustainable forestry, with approximately $1 billion in aggregate capital under management. GEF's investors include prominent endowments, foundations, family offices, and pension funds.
Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP)
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
Global Infrastructure Partners is managed for the benefit of all its investors by a professional investment executive team of partners, each of whom is a direct investor in the fund. GIP improves infrastructure through investment and application of industry best practice. GIP's operating team includes top quality experienced managers with relevant functional and sector managerial and operating expertise.
Global Life Science Ventures (GLSV)
Offices: Zug, Switzerland & Munich, Germany
GLSV uses its exclusive focus on the life sciences and the experience of its team and advisors to assist in building companies. Through its international orientation and long-term commitment, the partnership has been able to develop a global outlook that brings major benefits to its portfolio companies. At the same time, the partnership has strategically channelled its resources into developing the infrastructure necessary to support its investees.

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Global Retail Partners (GRP)
Offices: Los Angeles, California & London, England
Since 1982 the partners of GRP have funded innovative entrepreneurs who have changed the consumer landscape - companies that are household names today. They formed GRP Partners in 1996 and now manage approximately $650 million on behalf of more than 150 limited partners. GRP invest in highly talented entrepreneurs with demonstrated drive, leadership skills and experience.
Global Venture Capital (GVC)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Global Venture Capital is an independent partnership in the business of managing venture capital funds. The individuals constituting GVC have been active in entrepreneurship, venture capital and private equity globally for over 20 years. Since 1997, GVC has been responsible for managing a series of venture capital funds with total committed capital of 6.3 billion yen, which has been directly invested in over 35 companies both inside and outside of Japan.
Globespan Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Globespan Capital Partners is a leading global venture capital firm investing in information technology companies. They are focused on a balanced investment strategy across all segments of the IT sector. Globespan uniquely positioned in the US venture capital industry to provide portfolio companies access to global markets, customers and partners.
Globis Capital Partners (GCP)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Globis Capital Partners provides more than just investment and venture capital to their portfolio companies. They strive to add value to their investments by providing the people and know-how to insure long-term success of each business. Globis differentiates itself from other Japanese VCs in that they do not simply invest-we participate as a partner in each investee firm, working closely with management by providing the necessary managerial skills.


Glynn Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Glynn Capital Management is a private venture capital and investment management firm. They invest in high-quality, private and public companies that create innovative products and services to meet customers' needs in the face of rapid change in technology and lie sciences industries. Their private and public investments build on thier industry knowledge to complement each other.
GMB Mezzanine Capital
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
GMB Mezzanine Capital makes private mezzanine investments in lower middle-market companies throughout the United States. They target companies with total enterprise values under $100 million and with annual revenue between $10 million and $100 million. Their target investment size ranges from $3 million to $13 million, and we will participate in larger mezzanine investments with co-investment partners.
GMG Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
GMG Capital Partners is a venture capital firm investing primarily in early-stage high-growth communications technology companies. GMG Capital Partners continues to execute its strategy of investing in early-stage technology companies, affirming their belief that these companies will provide unsurpassed opportunities to generate outstanding investment returns with predictable and manageable risk.
GMT Communications Partners
Offices: London, England
GMT Communications Partners III is an independent investment firm focused exclusively on the Communications sector in Europe. The GMT team is Europe’s longest-established private equity specialist in the Communications arena, and has been active from its base in London across the entire Continent more than a decade.
GM Ventures
Offices: Detroit, Michigan
GM Ventures is the venture capital arm of General Motors. They invest in early-stage start-up companies to enhance GM's ability to innovate and ensure their customers have access to the best technology. GM Ventures' investment strategy includes early-stage startups with focus on the areas of automotive cleantech, infotainment, smart materials, other automotive related technologies, and value chain/business models.