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Mobius Venture Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Denver, Colorado
Mobius Venture Capital has over $2.5 billion under their management. They have the broad financial assets it takes to bring a company from napkin-drawings to market leadership. Eight of their nine managing directors have senior level operating experience in technology companies—from start-ups to multinationals. Together with their other managing director, they provide their entrepreneurs with all the experience they demand to be successful.
Moelis Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Moelis Capital Partners employs a broad investment strategy and makes opportunistic investments across industries, asset classes and geographies. Moelis believes this flexible investment strategy gives them a competitive advantage to support the firm’s clients on key strategic transactions and create a uniquely diversified portfolio of investments that achieves superior risk-adjusted returns for their investors.
Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV)
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Reston, Virginia
Mohr Davidow Ventures invests in innovative entrepreneurs with deep expertise in software, semiconductors, life sciences infrastructure, and communications. Their strong venture capital team engages very early in the life of a company to impact its long-term success. Whether the ultimate success of their portfolio companies is measured by technical breakthroughs, acquisition or IPO, it's always about building value.
Momentum Venture Management
Offices: Los Angeles, California
In today's investment environment, entrepreneurs need more than a great idea or product—they have to prove to investors that they have a business that's built for success. Momentum Venture Management specializes in helping early-stage companies overcome their unique challenges by bringing experienced interim management skills, critical bridge capital, and a large network of relevant resources.


Monitor Clipper Partners
Offices: Cambridge-London, England
Monitor Clipper Partners is a private equity investment firm formed in 1998 by The Monitor Group, a leading group of advisory businesses that has at its core one of the world’s largest strategy consulting firms, and The Clipper Group, an experienced private equity investment firm. They seek to make private equity investments in middle-market companies in North America and Europe.
Monitor Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto-Santa Monica, California
Monitor Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to commercialize technology into world-class products and services. Founded in 2002, the firm leverages the investment, operating and entrepreneurial experience of its partners with its privileged access to the resources of the Monitor Group to accelerate portfolio companies path to customers, capital and profitability.
Monomoy Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Monomoy invests in fundamentally sound businesses that face operational, financial or business stress. They provide the capital necessary to strengthen the business; they work with management to design and implement business improvement programs; and they provide the financial, strategic and operational support needed to improve profitability. Their goal in every acquisition is to build long-term enterprise value.
Monroe Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Monroe Capital is a specialty finance company providing senior secured and junior secured debt to middle-market companies. Monroe Capital specializes in originating, structuring and providing customized one-stop financings to U.S. and Canadian borrowers. Monroe is committed to being a value-added and user-friendly partner to owners, senior management and transaction sponsors.
Monster Venture Partners
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
Monster Venture Partners typically invests in the form of common stock and/or in the form of a bridge financing prior to closing the first institutional round. They will co-invest with the most strategically valuable co-investors, depending on the nature of the specific investment opportunity. Their sector interest will evolve over time as the investment team grows. They are mainly focused on marketing technology, healthcare information services and consumer products.