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Mosaix Ventures
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Mosaix Ventures is a private equity partnership focused on developing innovative healthcare and life sciences enterprises with exceptional commercial potential. Founded as an evergreen fund in 2000, Mosaix has invested in excess of $55 million. Mosaix typically invests in post-proof of concept companies, with a primary emphasis in mid- to late-stage investments and growth equity situations.
Motorola Ventures
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Motorola Ventures represents a diversified portfolio with a typical investment ranging from $3 million to $5 million. Their purpose is to nurture a venture company through its critical phases of start-up, growth and expansion. In addition to providing financial support, they offer business and technology expertise, market leadership and brand recognition to growing companies with compelling business plans.
MPM Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
MPM Capital is the world's largest dedicated investor in life sciences. With committed capital under active management of more than $2.1 billion, MPM is uniquely structured to invest globally in healthcare innovation. In addition to its BioVentures family of venture capital funds, MPM invests in the public markets through its BioEquities hedge fund, primarily in biotechnology, but also in medical devices and biopharmaceuticals.
MR Investment Partners
Offices: New York, New York
MR Investment Partners is a private equity firm organized by experienced business managers and investment professionals. The founding Partners are Richard McGinn and Christopher Roden. The firm aims to combine over 60 years of business and investment experience, industry expertise and capital management to achieve superior private equity returns. The partners have combination of business and investment capabilities.
MSBi Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
MSBi Capital ("MSBi") is a seed and early stage investment firm with $50 million under management. Since inception in 2001, MSBi has focused on commercializing innovations in information technology, life sciences and physical sciences. By working closely with experienced entrepreneurs, together with pre-eminent universities and research centers, MSBi is well positioned to build world-class companies.
MSD Capital
Offices: New York, New York
MSD Capital was formed in 1998 to exclusively manage the capital of Michael Dell and his family. MSD is an investment firm primarily focused on the following investment activities: Investing in publicly-traded securities; Engaging in traditional private equity activities; Investing in real estate; and Selectively forming "partnerships" with established third-party managers in the private and public markets.
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
MSouth Equity Partners a private equity investment firm that provides equity capital and expertise to support management teams in acquisitions and recapitalizations of lower middle market companies typically valued $25 -$125 million. Each of MSouth's partners has extensive experience in acquiring and successfully growing businesses. This experience, coupled with the firm's commitment to having its partners actively support each company.