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Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation, a leading edge venture capital firm that addresses the "capital gap" for start-up and expansion of early-stage technology companies operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MTDC has invested in many of Massachusetts' most promising new technology-based companies. If you're a technology-based company looking for start-up capital, you may be eligible for funding.
MTECH Ventures
Offices: College Park, Maryland
The Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute, a unit of the A. James Clark School of Engineering, accelerates new ventures, spurs economic growth, and brings university innovation to Maryland companies through technology entrepreneurship and partnership programs. MTECH Ventures provides entrepreneurship education to technology creators and delivers a portfolio of services and resources to entrepreneurs.
MTN Capital
Offices: New York, New York
MTN Capital Partners is a private equity firm that focuses on smaller middle-market companies. MTN often find their best opportunities off the beaten track: orphan subsidiaries of large companies, private companies reluctant to go through an auction process, companies with an intrinsic value that is not readily apparent, or businesses lingering in failed auctions. They are former top executives from major corporations and successful entrepreneurs.
MTS Health Partners
Offices: New York, New York
MTS Health Partners makes equity investments in operating companies within services sectors of the healthcare industry. They focus on profitable companies that deliver cost-effective services and have the ability to gain market share in industry segments that are typically large, growing, fragmented and poised for consolidation.


Mugar Investments
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Under the direction of David G. Mugar, a widely known New England businessman, Mugar Enterprises pursues both commercial and philanthropic endeavors. Interests include developing commercial real estate, managing a diverse equity and bond portfolio, as well as overseeing retail ventures. Each year, Mr. Mugar produces The Fourth of July event on the Charles River Esplanade as a gift to the City of Boston.
Mulligan BioCapital
Offices: Hamburg, Germany
Mulligan BioCapital is an investment firm dedicated to the life sciences with a specific focus on biotechnology with health care applications. They invest in biotechnology ventures that promise to transform healthcare as they know it today. They are looking to support companies managed by outstanding entrepreneurs.
Multiple Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Multiple Capital is a venture capital management firm, specializing in the value creation and monetization of high technology portfolios. The firm currently oversees approximately 200 million dollars in private and public securities for Lothian Partners 27. Multiple Capital works closely with portfolio companies and partners in order to find the best value creation strategies and solutions, conveying its expertise in follow-on financing, merger, acquisition and public offering.
Murex Investments
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Murex Investments targets include both the technology companies that are needed to grow the regional economy, and the manufacturing and service companies that can provide quality jobs for low- to moderate-income people. They seek sustainable improvement of distressed communities by driving toward an investment system that creates and supports progressive, high-performing companies in underserved markets.


Murphree Venture Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Murphree Venture Partners is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm, making direct equity investments into emerging entrepreneurial enterprises, primarily in the south and southwestern US regions. The firm seeks to align itself with entrepreneurs and management groups with whom they can develop strong working relationships, and with whom they can act in concert as owners/investors. They invest in high-technology enterprises.
Mutual Capital Partners
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio
Mutual Capital Partners invests in post-revenue, liquidity-challenged, growth businesses located in the Midwest. They believe that due diligence and preparation combined with a commitment to investments and partners differentiates them in the marketplace and allows them to work with, and invest in, the highest quality companies.
MVision Private Equity
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
At MVision they raise capital for and advise on a wide variety of alternative assets funds and investment strategies, including direct transactions and managed accounts, leveraging all their resources for each of their clients. MVision executes as one team—an industry-leading group of 50 professionals. Close long-term relationships with selected clients globally as a trusted adviser, helping them grow their businesses successfully.
MVM Life Science Partners
Offices: London, England & Boston, Massachusetts
MVM Life Science Partners is a Venture Capital firm that invests in technologies, products and services for the life science and healthcare markets. MVM has invested in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, drug delivery, gene therapy, healthcare services, medical devices, OTC medicines, research tools and vaccines. MVM makes at least half its investments in start-up companies.
Offices: London, England
MyQube is an international venture capital and financial advisory firm focused on financing and supporting the development of private companies operating in the high-technology sector with attractive market opportunities in Europe and United States. The investment focus today includes high-tech hardware and software solutions, telecoms, infrastructures and enabling technologies.