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Maryland Venture Fund
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland
The Maryland Venture Fund, started in 1994, is a state-funded seed and early-stage equity fund. The Fund is an evergreen fund and receives annual allocations from the Maryland State Legislature. The Fund makes direct investments in technology and life science companies and indirect investments in venture capital funds. The Maryland Venture Fund has established a track record of investing in some of the most promising technologies that the state has to offer.
MASA Life Science Ventures (MLSV)
Offices: Washington, DC & Tokyo, Japan
MASA Life Science Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on adding real value to the best of private, high-growth biotechnology and life science companies. MLSV's investors include several of Japan and Korea's leading corporations and financial institutions. These investors help provide an important bridge to key markets in East Asia. MLSV’s team of investment professionals have broad experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries.
Masdar Clean Tech Fund
Offices: London, England & New York, New York
The Masdar Clean Tech Fund is made-up of commitments from the following Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company Consensus Business Group Credit Suisse and Siemens AG. The fund will develop a portfolio of fund investments, committing approximately $60 million to 3-5 fund managers. The remaining fund capital will be invested in co-investments alongside fund managers and direct investments in companies sourced by the fund.
Mason Wells
Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mason Wells is a leading Midwest private equity firm with over $375 million of assets under management. The principals in the firm have successfully invested in over 70 companies and have completed transactions having a total value in excess of $1 billion. Mason Wells currently invests through two private funds that provide capital for leveraged buyouts and new venture start-ups.
Massachusetts Green Energy Fund
Offices: Brookline, Massachusetts
The Massachusetts Green Energy Fund invests in a broad range of emerging power generation technologies, including photovoltaics, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, hydrogen generation, wind, wave, tidal, biomass, biodiesel, power control, power conditioning, engine design, and energy management and storage technologies. They manage for competitive investment returns by leveraging its extensive investment experience.
Massey Burch Capital
Offices: Nashville, Tennessee
Massey Burch Capital was formed in January 1994 as the continuation of the investing activities of Jack C. Massey and Lucius E. Burch, III. Since its founding, Massey Burch’s investment philosophy has focused on the quality and charisma of a management team and a venture’s unique, first-to-market business solution. The success of this approach has resulted in the growth of many companies in new industries.
Masthead Venture Partners
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts & New York, New York
Masthead's partners possess successful track records creating long-term value in early-stage companies. They seek market-making ventures with strong teams and powerful intellectual property in high-growth segments. They focus on those sectors in which they have the most experience, leveraging their first-hand operational knowledge to help their portfolio companies accelerate through stages of growth and development.