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Offices: New York, New York
MatlinPatterson Global Advisers is a $9 billion private equity franchise specializing in distressed control investments on a global basis. Over a 14-year period, the firm and its investment professionals have successfully made substantial investments in more than 65 companies across abroad range of industries. MatlinPatterson has a strong record of working with management teams to further their strategic plans.
Maton Venture
Offices: Los Gatos ,California
Maton Venture has direct access to the many technologies that flourish within. However, their investment activities are by no means limited to local companies. They have formed strategic relationships with well-established venture capital companies overseas such as Hotung Venture Capital Corporation in Taiwan, Nippon Investment and Finance (NIF) in Japan, and Venture Capital Management (VCM) in Germany.
Matrix Partners
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts & Menlo Park, California
Matrix Partners invest in companies that they perceive to be on the cutting edge of creating major new markets in software, communications equipment, semiconductors, storage, Internet and wireless. They approach each investment with a long-term commitment. Matrix invests $10+ million over multiple rounds, with an initial investment ranging from seed amounts of $100,000-$300,000 to early-stage rounds of up to $10 million.
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Maveron was born in January 1998. Within six months, the company raised $75 million. Today, Maveron manages close to $400 million in committed capital from a broad range of sophisticated individuals and institutions. Their potential partners have businesses that are scalable on a national or international basis. They might have only three stores, or a fantastic idea, or a technology that has yet to launch, but they can see that there’s tremendous potential for growth.


Max Capital
Offices: Cincinnati, Ohio
Max Capital specializes in making control equity investments in manufacturing and industrial companies in the $15 to $100 million transaction range. Max Capital acquires companies in strong, defensible industry niches. These companies utilize proven manufacturing technology sales and distribution strengths and product advantages to compete. Excellent growth potential should be achievable through increasing market share, adding new products and executing complementary acquisitions.
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Mayfield has been making an impact on the way people live and work. That’s because they know how to nurture promising next-generation industries and companies. As a partnership of financial, technical and management experts, they understand how to turn a great vision into a business, and a business into a success. They invest in smart, technology-savvy entrepreneurs who have a unique insight into the dynamics of their market.
Mayo Medical Ventures (MMV)
Offices: Rochester, New York
Mayo Medical Ventures, which is a division of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, was started in 1986 as a response to ever-tightening reimbursement for patient care services. MMV's charge is to generate new sources of revenue to support Mayo's clinical practice, medical education and medical research activities. Technology Based Ventures (TBV) allow Mayo to consider internal technologies as the basis for the formation of new medically related start-up companies.
MBF Healthcare Partners
Offices: Coral Gables, Florida
MBF Healthcare Partners is a private equity firm that makes investments in emerging healthcare companies. Their strategy is to partner with exceptional management teams to create significant value through growth. At MBF, their financial resources, knowledge and strategic relationships provide the companies with which they partner invaluable new opportunities as they evolve into industry leaders.
MBK Partners
Offices: Seoul, Korea
MBK Partner is one of the largest independent private equity firms in the Asia-Pacific region, with over US$1.5 billion in capital under management. Through a combination of its size and its status as a local and independent fund, MBK Partners enjoys a distinct advantage in sourcing, executing and managing large, complex investments in its target markets.